A Digital Vision Board Is The Best Tool To Wake Up Your Creative Side

Have you ever created a vision board? Or better yet, have you ever sat at your kitchen table with a stack of magazines and glue sticks making collages of pretty photos that made you feel a certain way? Maybe, at the time you didn’t call it a vision board, but it is the same concept. 

I have multiple memories of my mom, my little sister and I sitting at the table cutting out pictures of fashion, interior design, food and anything else that caught our eyes and gluing them to a poster board or notebook. There’s something so fun about it — but now, you can do it digitally.


Why make a digital vision board?

digital vision board

Basically, the reason to make a vision board will depend on what you want out of it. Usually, I make a vision board before starting a big project or at the beginning of a new year. Especially after a year like 2020, I needed the inspiration to change the way I was living my life. A vision board can encapsulate a goal, a feeling, a new lifestyle, and so much more. When you’re done creating it, it is a great reminder of what you were wanting out of the new year — what you hoped to feel and achieve. 

While cutting out magazine clippings and throwing it back to your elementary school days is fun, a digital vision board gives you so much more control. Instead of searching for that perfect picture of black fringe boots in a Vogue magazine — you can simply Google it. You can also make it in the perfect size. You can have it perfectly fit your computer or phone background or be able to print it out to fit in the front of your planner. Making a vision board digitally makes it so much easier to customize.

How to make a digital vision board

vision board

What program do I use?

If you use Photoshop a lot, making a digital vision board within that application is easy. If you’re not super tech-savvy, Canva and PicMonkey have templates you can use.

Colorcinch is an easy, low-maintenance option for your photo editing needs.

There are also apps like PicsArt that can be used if you’d like to create it on your phone.

What kind of images do I add?

Is there a certain way you want to feel throughout 2021? If it’s happy, find images that radiate that happiness to you. If it’s being calm, find calm and relaxing images that will bring you into that headspace. Is there a certain achievement you’d like to complete? Add a few images that show that goal — whether it is obvious or not. My goal this year is to be more creative, so I would choose images that radiate creativity. You’re also not limited to images! You can add your favorite quotes, lucky numbers or reminders! Another fun thing you can add is a Spotify code to a playlist that goes with your board! Have fun with it and play with color schemes, layering and composition!

Most importantly, make sure you keep your vision board somewhere you look often and take a few minutes here and there to really look over it and remind yourself of your goals!


Did you make a vision board this year? Share your goals below!

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