10 Ways To Keep Your House Plants Thriving During Winter

Just like people, plants need some extra TLC during the dark and cold winter months. Which is why we need to know exactly how to care for house plants in the winter.

In addition to being lovely decorations, houseplants also help to filter the air in our houses and apartments. However, it’s likely that your plants weren’t built to survive super cold conditions.

We have put together 10 easy guidelines for winter houseplant care to ensure the survival of your prized green companions until spring!

Caring For House Plants In The Winter

Clean Your Windows

Clean the windows to maximize light. Extra light will keep you and your plants healthy ‘til spring.

Move Plants Closer To Windows

As the days get shorter, your plants will get less natural sunlight, so move them closer to a window to make the most of the light that is still around. Not too close, though – keep your plants at a safe distance from the glass in the event of window freezing.

Dust your Plants

You heard us – clean your plants! Be kind to your plant buddies and wipe off the dust and grime from their leaves with a damp washcloth. They’ll look nicer, but more importantly, they’ll be able to take in more light, which is crucial at this time of year.

Add Artificial Light

When darkness falls, consider using artificial light for your house plants. Specialty bulbs mimic the effects of the sun and will help them live longer and, hopefully, make your day a little brighter as well! Here are some options for light therapy lamps.

Keep Your Home Warm

Yet another reason to crank up the thermostat: warmer temperatures mean longer plant life. Most plants like it when it’s between 65°F and 75°F during the day and between 60°F and 65°F at night. If the temperature drops below 50°F, say goodbye to your plants!

Maintain Humidity

“Because most plants enjoy a warmer climate, which is why they do so well in the summer, we can mimic some of that heat in the winter, too. Increasing the humidity in the house or the room where the plants are chilling out can be the perfect boost they need to stay healthier in the colder months,” explains CafeMom.

Water Your Plants Less And Use Warm Water

A popular misguided belief about plants is that more watering can make up for less sunlight and lower humidity. Don’t do this! While you should be careful about other plant issues, you can skip a watering or two.

Just like cold water will shock you, the same goes for your plants. Warm water is easier for houseplants to handle and helps keep other things, like humidity, in balance.

Keep Plants Away from Drafts Or Heating Vents

Aside from making sure plants are at the right temperature, you’ll also want to make sure they aren’t getting hit by temperatures that are too high or too low. Especially in the winter, it’s crucial to keep your plants away from cold drafts, as well as heating vents.

Group Plants Together

Plants are like people in the cold; they thrive in a group.

“In the winter, it’s wise to group the plants to regulate each other in a way. We don’t want it to be too crowded that the plants are competing for window or sun space, but just enough that they’re benefiting from the others,” says CafeMom.

Play Music For Your Plants

Regardless of the fact that it may sound absurd, research has revealed that plants like listening to classical music. But if some classical music can make the difference between a thriving plant and a dying one, then it’s well worth it!


How do you care for your house plants in winter? Tell us your tips in the comments!

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