I Love These Bullet Journal Prompts That Get My Brain Flowing

Have you ever wanted to journal but just not known where to start? It can be so daunting to look at a blank page and not know how to fill it. My Instagram feed always highlights people with their beautiful notebooks and wonderful bullet journal ideas and I have journal envy! So we’ve come up with a few of our bullet journal ideas and headers to get you started!


Highlights of the Day

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I started doing this a few years back when I was battling depression. I would go through my day and write as many good things down that happened so I could reflect on the good. It sets your headspace in a place of gratitude and joy. I titled mine ‘blessings’ but you could also just think about things you’re grateful for!


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We’ve talked about manifestations before, but proclaiming something positive over your life is so necessary. We speak crap over ourselves all the time — let’s bring some positive juju into our lives instead! Think about what you want to manifest and start your day by proclaiming victory in those spaces.


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My therapist told me to do this and it has changed my life. I start the day by writing five things I love about myself. I then choose one of the five things and write it on my hand so I can carry it around with me. It puts me in a good mood at the start of the day and it really changes my posture about myself. 

Goal/ Habit Tracking

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Is it too late in the game to remind you of your New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe make a goal-tracking page in your journal. I made a bullet journal calendar and every week I put a little chart on how my goals have been going and if I’ve done anything to work towards them. This keeps me accountable and helps me to see how I’m doing on my self-improvement journey. You can do the same thing with habits as well! Whether you’re trying to break them or create them, tracking your goals and habits is one of the easiest ways to improve your lifestyle.

List of Books

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I told myself I would read one hundred books this year (I was over confident and I’m learning humility right now), so I decided to keep track of the books I’ve read. People sometimes keep lists to know the number of books, but I also love the idea of adding your own review in a book journal as well. I know that you can do that on Goodreads, but I love keeping track with my tiny handwriting.

Things That Bring You Joy

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You know the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music? Well, just like in Julie Andrews’ world, it helps to list your favorite things in real life. This does closely relate to the highlights journal entry, but it’s different in that these are things that bring you joy whenever you think of them. I like to reflect on the things that bring me joy on actually rainy days because those are the days I feel the most glum. If you start a list, you can start to only think on those positive elements of your life when you’re down too!

Little Sayings

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I have a list of the stupid things my partner has said in my phone right now. I pull it out whenever I miss him or when I need a good laugh. It’s so fun to document the moments that made you laugh almost too hard or the times when you felt the most loved. While taking screenshots of a text is good, usually they get lost in the many other photos you have and you don’t have the list to reference. This is so easy to do and so fun to look back on the memories!


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No! This was such a fun article, why would I bring up budgeting? I know it’s not the most exhilarating topic, but it is nice to have a journal entry on your expenses and budget. It helps to have all of that information in one place and it will probably keep you more accountable because you are manually tracking everything you buy. I’m sorry to add it to the list, but it needs to be here!

A Bucket List

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I bought a really cute planner for 2020 (there’s a joke in that statement) and it came with a bucket list labeled “random challenges.” I love this idea and tore it out of my journal and it’s taped up next to my desk right now. The challenges include ideas like, “test out a new cheesy pickup line,” “fly a kite” and “build a pillow fort.” They’re all so cute and simple and probably aimed toward teenagers, but I’m having a blast in my pillow fort while you’re probably reading this at a desk, so who’s winning here? Having a bucket list gives you an excuse to do things that you’ve been itching to do for a bit now, and bucket lists prompt you to have some real fun!

Random Acts of Kindness

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I think this one is the cutest idea. Think of random acts of kindness you can do and maybe pick one each day. They don’t have to be big — sometimes all you can manage to do is send your friend a quick text about how much you love them. But just trying to do these selfless acts will put you in a better headspace and also let the people around you know how much you care. It’s a win-win!


Which of these bullet journal ideas do you love the most? What are you going to try first? Comment below!

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