7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Mom Friends

Who says kids are the only ones who get play dates? Gather your mom friends and play a game while your children play among themselves. If you are new to the mom group or want to start one, try a few icebreakers to get everyone acquainted. Meeting new people can be scary, but chances are your fellow moms could use a group just as much as you.

Once you have your mom friends, there’s a whole slew of activities you can do with them – check out some of our favorites below!

1. Start A New Hobby

Find a new hobby to start with your friends or share one with the group. Have you been dying to attend a cooking class or try that new yoga studio? Perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to make wreaths for your front door. Grab your pals and look up DIY ideas on Pinterest or enlist someone to teach your group a hobby or craft. This is an excellent way to bond and learn something new.

2. Have A Spa Day

A spa day — moms still get those? Yes! Make time to do things for yourself and practice self-care so you don’t lose your sanity while parenting. Find your center with your girlfriends by creating a spa day at home where your kids can roam and do their own thing. Do some face masks, hair masks and charcoal body scrubs for your skin and give each other manicures. Do some teeth-whitening treatments and self-tanner and turn it into a movie marathon while you treat yourself to beauty regimens.

3. Run Errands Together

Running errands together may not sound like fun, but you might be surprised how much fun having a partner in crime is for your daily activities. Pick up your best friend, go to Target and grab a coffee while you’re out.

Get some groceries, pay bills and fulfill your responsibilities while you chat and catch up. Your children can accompany you or you can leave them at home. As a mom, everyone has errands to run all the time — why not knock them out together?

4. Bake Something Fun

If you and your friends love sweet treats, why not host a baking party? While it’s still spooky season, try out a fun Halloween recipe like pumpkin spice brownies. Later in the year, have everyone bring their favorite recipe for a Christmas cookie swap. While some of us get tired of constantly being in the kitchen, baking something silly can be a great way to express creativity and have fun together. 

5. Play Games While The Children Play

Take the leap and introduce yourself, then ask if they want to play a purse game. Purse games are so much fun for moms and take no preparation. Take a moment to dive into your purse, find the most ridiculous item you have stored there and then share it with the group — prompt other moms to do the same and see how hilarious and bonding it is.

6. Join a Gym

Join a gym or exercise class with your mom friends. Chances are they’ve been meaning to start getting back into their workout routine and you can help hold each other accountable. Having a workout buddy can keep you on track and help motivate you to keep attending the gym or fitness class. Look into what will suit both of your interests — like Zumba or personal trainer — and get moving!

7. Have a Potluck 

Host a potluck with your girlfriends and share recipes of what you brought. You can get the dads involved on this one to watch the kids or cook on the grill. Set up lawn games for the kiddos or put on a movie indoors to have more adult time. If you’re not a potluck girl, consider hosting a dinner party instead. You can order catering or takeout, relax and enjoy lovely conversations with other moms while the children play. 

Making Time for Kid-Filled And Kid-Free Fun

Mom friends can be essential to successful parenting and help you stay sane amidst the chaos, but finding fun things to do with your group can be challenging when you are so busy adulting. Try these activities to utilize your friend time or make some new ones!


Share some fun activities you and your mom friends do in the comments!

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