Dear Mom, Should Coding Be Your Next Side Gig?

Anybody who is thinking of changing careers, starting careers, or taking some mad skills to the next level should start coding, in our opinion. Parents, however, offer a unique skill set to an already predefined role, and you have the creativity the field needs to problem solve, your way.

That is the beauty of coding. You can work inside a black and white concept, while still bringing creativity and vision to the world in your own unique way. Coders put their own individual stamp on everything they do in their work. You can make it your own, while changing the world you are asked to change.

Here are 10 reasons why we think parents should take on coding. 

1. You Will Live And Breathe What Is Next In Tech

When your phone or desktop needs an update, it feels like the world ends for a little while, and your little troopers have a lot to say about that. You can be the cool parent that explains what all those bug glitch fixes really mean. They may think you’re a geek, but they’re taking those pearls of wisdom and learning great skills from you.

2. The Learning Never Ends

Coding and programming are fields where there is a huge community for you to learn in and learn from. You can take Python courses even when you are working full time so that you can get better at honing your wheelhouse.

From social networking for support on bugs to continuing education, you’ll always be improving and getting better at this craft.

3. The Flexibility Is Just Better Here

Tech jobs have a very high rate of remote workers. So if you need work that keeps you at home, this is a great job to do that in.

Even if it is difficult to find remote work with a company, you can freelance as a programmer and determine your own terms. You may even be able to decide your days off here.

4. Skills Building That Is Just Yours To Build On

You already have a lot of skills if you are parenting. This is one that is going to be all about you and your talent. You get to use your creativity for someone else, yes, but it’s your talent that you are selling. And someone is buying it, whether you work for a company or freelance. It’s an exciting feeling to experience, because someone is telling you that you are worth something, and it has nothing to do with being a parent. Your self-identity is going to grow here.

5. Get Back Into the Career Game

If you feel like the only thing you do is parent, then you might be wanting to go back to work. Childcare will work itself out once you start the planning process. Coding is a way to get back into the career force slowly and naturally.

6. Work-Life Balance Begins To Fall Into Place

You will start to feel like a human and begin to relate to the stresses of the world that other parents feel. Your work-life balance starts to take on a new perspective.

Coding and programming can help you to find a work-life balance with their flexible environment. Yes, you can have it all!

7. Redefine Tech

One thing the world of tech is always looking for is a fresh approach to an old problem. As a parent, this is just another one of your wheelhouses. Coding is what makes the world go around. You get to decide what that looks like as a programmer.

8. It’s Just Cool To Be You

People envy people in tech right now. It’s not just about the money, although that is good too. It’s about being part of the revolution that is changing the world. That’s you, now, when you enter coding. Your kids may find this so cool they want to do it too. There are kid-friendly Python and Java courses for them too.

9. Be A Visionary

In programming, you have to see the outcome before you can build the journey. This requires visionary skills that go beyond standard parenting skills. You’ll see that on your first assignment. It’s scary, but one of the most rewarding things you will do.

10. Demand Is High

There are tens of thousands of jobs out there today. You’ll get a job easily. That is all.

Start Programming Today

When you want to work in programming or coding, don’t let your fears get in the way. 

As a parent, you have a million fears a day, just by being awake and needing to keep on top of other humans. 

Be a new kind of hero to them, and they may even jump on that bandwagon too. Start your programming career today. You might surprise yourself. 


Are you interested in coding? Share what you think in the comments!

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