The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Fashion Business With Instagram

Instagram, a fast-growing platform, is beyond just a visual social media platform. As per a report by CNBC, Instagram has surpassed two billion monthly active users in 2021. Instagram is the second-most popular social media network after Facebook, with over 500 million Instagram stories uploaded daily.

With the growing fashion influencer marketing, Instagram is a phenomenal platform for fashion influencers and brands. 

Today, we’re going to walk you through ways to use Instagram to grow as a fashion influencer or the ultimate next-gen fashion brand. We will help you create an immersive experience for followers through this comprehensive guide on Instagram’s best fashion marketing strategies.

Instagram Brings Fashion Powerhouses To The Forefront

Instagram is a visual platform offering fashion brands an outlet to showcase new trends and their latest pieces. Celebrities and big fashion brands from across the globe are primarily soft marketing through Instagram. As brands collaborate with celebrities or fashion influencers, aesthetic visual postings of the latest collection create higher engagement with users.

The dominance of social media marketing and its ability to get higher engagement makes Instagram a sustainable platform for creating fashion content. Most brands use powerful concept photography or fun short videos to drive engagement from the audience, and brands collaborate with influencers to amplify their reach through Instagram. A few years ago, people relied on fashion magazines or advertisements to know about the latest trends or styles. Still, Instagram now gives the flexibility to engage, follow, and even start a movement.

Strategize The Creation Of Fresh Fashion Content

While Instagram is a powerful platform for fashion influencers and brands, staying relevant with the cutthroat competition and abundance of content is challenging. Creating fresh and unique content is crucial for growing as a fashion influencer or advocate.

Make use of all the new tools and feature upgrades by Instagram. If you have just started creating fashion content on Instagram, use a free Instagram video editor to edit videos quickly. Focus on short-form content like reels as it provides higher engagement owing to unhindered support by Instagram’s algorithm. According to HubSpot, nearly 64% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by watching a video of the product first.

Instagram is a visual platform that gives fashion brands or influencers the creativity to create stellar content. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating fresh fashion content:

  • Content creation is a process of perseverance and patience. It will reflect in your content if you do not enjoy what you are doing. Be true to your style and promote fashion authentically. For more followers and engagement, create content that you believe in.

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  • Create your style and stick to it. Having a theme for your Instagram account will draw the attention of followers. Know your style and bring the best of the content using fashion sense. Achieng Agutu, for example, has a massive Instagram following @noordinarynoire for her fashion content on body positivity.

  • Focus on going beyond typical transition videos and think out of the box. With a huge Instagram following of 1.7 million, Komal Pandey has taken transition videos to the next level. Her transition reels are teamed with quirky dance moves and a beautiful Bollywood number in the background.

  • Some engaging content for Instagram includes content on the brand mission, product features, new arrival displays, lifestyle content, behind-the-scenes, and user-generated content. As a fashion brand, user-generated content plays a massive role in amplifying the brand’s reach.

  • Create fashion content that is realistic, sustainable, and targeted toward a specific audience. For example, if you advocate for sustainability, only collaborate with sustainable brands or create content repurposing old clothes.  

Over time, you will figure out the fashion category or genre you are comfortable with. Plan content, stay consistent, and always add relevant hashtags to reach the target audience. Ditch the monotonous, cliché content and work on ideating new concepts for higher engagement.

Leverage The Power of Fashion Influencer Marketing 

Fashion influencers have a huge social media following and are known to influence their followers’ buying decisions. Influencer marketing is a massive market with untapped potential for brands to grow and reach the target audience. Adidas is a popular brand that has been able to create massive success using the power of influencer marketing campaigns. Collaborating with global celebrities like Iga Wysocka and Selena Gomez, they introduced #MyNeoShoot content. The marketing campaign increased their sales by 24.2%.

Even smaller brands are using influencer marketing to increase engagement and drive sales. You do not need a million followers on Instagram to be an influencer. Some brands work on barter collaboration sending free merchandise to the influencer in return for Instagram posts, reels, and shoutouts in stories.  

Use Shoppable Features To Drive Sales

The introduction of shoppable features by Instagram helps drive more sales as people browse through fashion content. Shopping through Instagram stories is easy as influencers for brands add a “Shop Now” CTA by adding the product URL, and it redirects the audience to the shopping page of the brand. One of the latest features of Instagram allows “tagging” products in the posts.

However, Instagram has expanded its shopping feature, which will enable shoppers to buy products without leaving the app. Instagram stories now have shoppable stickers in which you can tag the product, making it a great organic way to increase sales. The new shopping features are set to make Instagram a huge, visually appealing marketplace to follow and buy the latest fashion trends.

Summing Up

If you are a fashionista or a fashion brand, Instagram is the place for creating visually appealing content and generating higher engagement. Instagram is an excellent platform for putting out stylish fashion content and offers the best ROI for strategically planned fashion marketing strategies. Instagram’s analytics help gauge the audience’s response to the content. With new and innovative shoppable features, Instagram is driving fashion marketing to the next level. Indeed, Instagram is a game changer, with endless creative tools, direct linking of products, and cool new shopping features.


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