Beautiful and Breathtaking Quotes From Morgan Harper Nichols

It’s no secret that Morgan Harper Nichols has a certain type of magic that makes you want to stop and listen to everything this woman has to say. Whether you follow her on Instagram, listen to her podcast, or simply know of her from a few of her brilliant quotes, you know that her words have a way of reaching out and touching everyone who reads them.

Morgan Harper Nichols is a mixed-media artist, storyteller, musician, and poet. She uses art as a way to connect with other people and spur conversations every day. Her art and poetry have inspired and helped millions of people, and today, we’re sharing our favorite quotes from her.

On Living in the Moment


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“Living in the moment is learning how to live between the big moments. It is learning how to make the most of the in-betweens and having the audacity to make those moments just as exciting.”

“Let today be the day you are kind to yourself and focus on believing what is beautiful and true. And this does not mean you ignore your imperfections. It means, in spite of them, you believe there is beauty to you.”

“Let July be July. Let August be August. And let yourself just be, even in the uncertainty. You don’t have to fix everything. You don’t have to solve everything. And you can still find peace and grow in the wild of changing things.”

On Acceptance

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“While we are trying to make sense of things, may we learn to make peace with things.”

“You are breathing, you are living, you are wrapped up in endless, boundless grace. And things will get better. There is more to you than yesterday.”

“You may not have chosen your surroundings, but you can choose to find life in them.”

On Strength

“Maybe this heart of yours that longs for something more is being prepared for something so much greater than you.”

“She no longer had the desire to bend herself into the frame of photographs where she was unwelcome.”

“Never let anyone who cannot bear your pain make you feel you are unbearable. Not everyone is capable of walking with you, but that does not mean you are not worthy of belonging.”

On Rest

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“Even though you have learned the skill of running on empty, now is the time to learn the art of breathing all over again.”

“Even when there are a thousand things to do, cherish these unrushed moments. Make room in your heart for them. There will be many mountains to climb, but always make time to find the pastures when you can rest.”


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