10 Fashionable Polymer Clay Earrings To Make You Stand Out This Summer

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been making it a habit to support small businesses. Not only is this a sustainable way to be a more responsible consumer, but you’re also helping out small business owners. Plus, small businesses, honestly, make the cutest, most unique products and you know the owners put their heart and soul into the business.

So, how does this tie into the polymer clay earring trend? Bright, fun, statement jewelry is making a major comeback, and I’ve been seeing polymer clay earrings rise in popularity. I’m particularly excited about this because of all the small businesses who have been making these trending styles for a long time — they’re shining a spotlight on ethical and sustainable craftsmanship. 

I really encourage you to shop this beautiful trend from small businesses instead of large corporations (unless they’re B. Corp). Also, please note that not all Etsy sellers are genuine small businesses that hand make their products. Etsy tends to do a below average job at regulating their sellers, so you’ll find a lot of dropshippers and mass produced items, meaning a lot of shops are just re-selling products from sites like Aliexpress. You’ll know a seller is genuine based on their product offerings (they will be unique and you can’t find them from other sellers or sites) and you can also check out their social media profiles to confirm.

Now, let’s get into my favorite picks of handmade polymer clay earrings from genuine small business shops!

The Olivia

the olivia earrings

Paper Clay Co. makes the most gorgeous feminine earrings with bohemian influences. I love that these earrings feature 3 smaller pieces that complement each other so perfectly.

SHOP – $42

Hexagon Clay Earrings – Desert

desert earrings

It’s like wearing the Coachella festival on your ears! The Clay Quisit’s earrings feature elements from nature that perfectly embody the summer feeling, like this pair I’ve chosen. The attention to detail is amazing!

SHOP – $22.50

Polymer Clay Knit Studs

clay knit studs

How unique are these studs, made by Indigo Clay Jewelry?! The knitted detail is amazing and is a really unexpected upgrade from a traditional stud. The color selection is also stunning and current.

SHOP – $10+

Geometric Polymer Clay Studs

geometric earrings

Geometric abstract meets earrings, courtesy of DIS n DAT Jewelry. These studs are cute but bold — choose the mismatched pair to make a subtle statement.

SHOP – $12.58+

Polymer Clay Huggies Mini Hoops

polymer clay earrings

If you love hoops but want to add flair to them, SOLIS HANDMADE makes polymer clay hoops that are thick and come in a variety of colors. I especially love the coral, but there are 20 color options to pick from!

SHOP – $20

SANTORINI | Aegean Collection Polymer Clay Earrings

handpainted earrings

On top of creating the polymer part of these clay earrings, the designs are also hand painted! Because of this, each pair is unique, so no one else will have the same earrings as you.

SHOP – $29

Crescent Moon Brass and Clay Earrings

CRESCENT clay earrings

I love the mixture of clay with brass — it creates an interesting contrast between the two elements. uses stainless steel instead of nickel, so those with allergies can still wear the designs.

SHOP – $25

Floral Textured Lightweight Polymer Clay Earrings

white polymer clay earrings

Rather than add extra clay for a design, s earrings look so delicate because the design is imprinted. Choose from a variety of colors — I’m partial to the shimmery white!

SHOP – $23

Moon Polymer Clay Earrings

crescent moon clay earrings

If you’re a lady of the night, then Pepper and Pink Co’s polymer clay earrings are for you! White crescent moons are paired with gold leaf stars to keep the earrings light and bright for spring.

SHOP – $30


Are you as in love with the polymer clay earrings trend as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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