Four Chic Ways To Wear All-White Outfits This Summer

Trends like minimalism and the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic are taking over online spheres right now and we love it. We’ve been seeing these trends combine and emerge as our new favorite summer ensemble — the all-white outfit. We know it might be daunting to wear all white, but let’s be honest…you look amazing no matter what! 

Wearing all white has more benefits than you may think. You’ll be a lot cooler this summer and you’ll always look stylish in this minimalist look. If you’re a little worried about staining, try putting a Tide To Go Stick or Shout Wipes in your purse for an extra blanket of protection. If you want to add more dimension, try adding in different fabrics and even mixing different shades of white. 

Want to jump on the all-white outfit train this summer? Here are some looks to get you started!

Casual White Suit

This all white casual suit is perfect for any upscale occasion. We love the idea of a light blazer and trousers paired with a simple white t-shirt and a small block heel.

Simple Dress With Sneaker

This outfit is simple, and you can wear the pieces over and over again. Wearing a nice dress with sneakers is the best because it’s versatile — you can wear this at upscale and casual events.

Plain T-Shirt

We love this outfit because it’s something you can pick out of your closet and wear anywhere. I mean, chances are you probably have these staple pieces in your closet already!

Comfy Casual

This is literally the perfect outfit for running errands, meeting up for coffee, or just any casual day event you might be going to. To style, just add your favorite pair of white glasses and put on your comfiest white sneakers. If you think you might get hot later on, make sure to wear a white t-shirt underneath and just throw your crewneck over your shoulders for an elevated country club-type look.


Would you rock an all-white look? Which all-white outfit is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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