24 Stylish Jean Jackets You’ll Love Wearing All. Year. Long.

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I really can’t remember a time when I haven’t had a denim jacket in my closet. I think I’ve had one in my closet since I was a toddler. The denim jacket is truly an icon in American fashion — it’s one of the most versatile garments you can own. They look cute over a dress on a spring day or layered with a hoodie in the winter, making them year-round pieces.

Denim jackets don’t have to be boring, either; they come in all types of washes and trims that can help you show your own personality. Here are some you’ll keep pulling out of your closet time and time again.

Classic Denim Jacket

Here are some unique takes on the ‘classic’ denim jacket, because chances are you already own one. We love styling the classic wash with a dress or a skirt, giving it a more feminine feel. 

Black Denim Jacket

The black denim jacket is super versatile, as you can wear it day or night. Think of it like a leather jacket — edgy, but it also goes with everything. Our favorite way to style this is with matching black denim bottoms.

White Denim Jacket

White denim jackets are my personal favorite. They make you look effortlessly put-together and stylish while still looking cool and casual. Style this with a dress in the spring or with white denim jeans for winter.

Print & Patterned Denim Jacket

Already own a denim jacket but looking for something a little different? These printed and patterned jackets will help you stand out. We love throwing these over an otherwise ‘boring’ outfit. Add some pattern and personality to your everyday look.


Already own a jean jacket? Which denim jacket style is your favorite? Share your pics and more in the comments below!

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