4 Tasteful Outfits That Will Fit Every Country Club’s Dress Code

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I don’t know about you but, to me, the start of spring just screams “Country Club Season.” But after nearly two years of being pretty much out of the social scene due to the pandemic, my old country club outfits aren’t going to cut it anymore — and neither are my leggings-and-crop-top pandemic staples. 

Going to a country club and have no idea what to wear? We’re here to give you a complete outfit guide. First off, you should know that most (if not all) country clubs have strict dress codes. We always suggest looking up the dress code beforehand, as it might be helpful. Something that’s always a safe bet is what we call ‘Country Club Casual.’ The best way to think of it is golf or tennis outfits. This can be shirts, shorts, dresses, slacks, collared shirts, or anything made for golfing. Of course, incorporating a tennis bracelet is the best way to show off your country club style! Some things to avoid would be un-collared cotton shirts (t-shirts), leggings, and denim jeans. It sounds a little limiting but, we promise, you can still find stunning outfits that fit the bill!

Outfit 1: On The Green

These pants are the perfect piece to build a unique and trendy outfit around. Tuck the polo into your pants and use the sweater more as an accessory by tying it around your neck. The green carries through the whole outfit for a fun use of color while still remaining elegant.

Outfit 2: On-Trend Country Club

This is the outfit you’ve probably seen a million times on your Instagram feed. Pair your tennis skirt with a polo tee and throw over your varsity style knit sweater. If you feel like you’re drowning or that your sweater is too long compared to your skirt, take the front and do a French tuck. We carried the navy color through the whole outfit, all the way down to the shoes.

Outfit 3: Pretty In Pink

This outfit we love, it’s comfortable but still adds a bit of flare. The fun printed polo paired with the clean white pant makes this outfit fun.

Outfit 4: All Dressed Up

This outfit is simple and easy. You can’t go wrong with a dress and sneakers, and this is the perfect country club-style combo. If you get cold easily, grab a lightweight cardigan or sweater.


What’s your go-to outfit on the golf course? Share your favorite country club outfits in the comments below!

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