These Iconic ‘Friends’ Outfits Are Still Stylish 20 Years Later

One of the first ‘grown up’ TV shows I remember watching was Friends. I fell head over heels in love with every single character on my screen, a phenomenon that doesn’t exist in television anymore. But one thing I spent months debating was which character I embodied most. 

While I would love to be carefree Phoebe, fashionable Rachel, learned Ross, jokester Joey, or funny Chandler, I think I reached true maturity when I  realized I’m uptight (but still loveable!) Monica. And that’s okay. I’ll get over it, one day.

But one thing I’ll never get over is the outfits on Friends. TV shows always make me laugh because no matter what their financial situation is (waitressing in New York City and still being able to afford a two-bedroom in the city???), the friends never had a fashion faux pas. In fact, Friends is known for its style and wonderful outfits. 

Throughout the show, the six friends make questionable decisions in their love lives, careers, living situations, and every other aspect of their lives. But their outfits are spared. The outfits every Friends character wears are, somehow, timeless – especially now that the 90’s are back in style.

Whether they looked flawless cleaning tables, cute in their onesies hoping for a plan, or even, hopelessly understandable, in their wedding dresses accessorized with beer; these six characters (specifically, the girls) inspired my love for fashion that still lives on today. 

I decided to challenge myself this week and recreate some of my favorite outfits from Friends all week long.

I love doing outfit challenges because they force me to get comfortable with getting dressed every day and wearing clothes that I might, otherwise, have forgotten about. And while I love playing dress-up in tutus or ‘70s dresses, I feel like these Friends outfits will be a little more attainable.

The One With The Purple Dress

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friends outfits

I had the time of my life wearing this outfit. 

I actually wore this dress a few weeks ago and styled it similarly to Rachel’s look — so, I guess I’m Rachel Green. 

I did have a brief flashback to my childhood when I yelled at my mother for forcing me to wear a turtleneck under my dress, ‘ruining’ my outfit. But it’s February, and if Rachel Green can do it, I can, too. 

This dress was a perfect mixture of flirty and classy, which makes total sense for Rachel’s character. I love the subtle schoolgirl hint but the turtleneck that almost makes it grown up. I also might be projecting my wishes on it because I have, for sure, worn this outfit in public, unironically. 

The look gave me an extra pep in my step, but whether that was because I love Friends or I was back to wearing color again, I don’t know. All I know is that I started the week off strong and it brought me joy.

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The One With The Overalls

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I know it’s officially spring when I can bring out my overalls. Today was the perfect day to wear them, not only because Rachel did, but also because it was beautiful outside and I wanted my clothes to reflect that. 

The warm weather that always appears this time in February played a big part in helping me get dressed. No more sweatpants for me! I’m now wearing a new outfit every day. Too ambitious? Probably. 

But Rachel’s overall outfit was cute, and classic, and something I’ve worn a million times before. It was comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Seriously, overalls go with anything. I also love an outfit that doesn’t have too many elements to it, so I can still work from home and be comfy!

This was day two of me convincing myself I dress like Rachel Green. This challenge might not be good for my humility.

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The One With The Canadian Tuxedo

friends outfits

I have always cringed at the thought of denim on denim. 

I don’t know who taught me it was a fashion sin, but that fashion lesson has stuck with me more than anything I learned in college or my first job. 

That is, until today. 

I grabbed my mother’s old chambray paint shirt, jeans, and my good-old Adidas. I was fully ready to hide my face and not be confident all day but not only was this outfit insanely comfortable and accessible, it was also really cute. 

I think the two different tones of denim helped the denim-on-denim look go over smoothly. It also gave me a chance to wear things that I never had the confidence to wear before!

While this outfit was one of the more casual looks of the week, it was also the one that pulled me the most out of my comfort zone. But it was worth it, and while I might be committing a fashion sin, I’ll probably wear this again.

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The One With The Cozy Day In

friends outfits

I guess I spoke too soon about the sweatpants… 

But let’s chalk it up to keeping with tradition! I always like to add in a pajama look on these ‘dress like’ weeks because no one, realistically, wears a brand new outfit every day of the week…do they? Am I just slacking?

Anyway, these sweatpants are my favorite. They don’t have the regular cotton material like other normal sweatpants but, rather, a wonderful cashmere-like fabric. I always feel elevated when I work from home in these.  

I love dressing in Friends outfits because, while they do have their high-fashion moments, the show also shows repeats outfits, includes pajamas, and also has many ‘real’ outfits that are easy to emulate.

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The One With The Gray Sweater

Gray sweater

The dad sweater! It felt like February again today (cold) and I was finally settling back into my winter relaxing clothes, so this sweater came at the perfect time.

I love a relaxed, big, gray sweater. I don’t know too many people who don’t have that obnoxiously big and comfy sweater that they put on when they need an extra bit of comfort. The Friends’ costumers got that completely correct. 

Something I’m finding with Monica’s clothes is that a lot of her outfits are pieces that everyone has in their closet, but she puts them together in a way that makes them fashionable. While adding jeans to an old sweater isn’t ‘high fashion,’ she does always manage to dress up even the simplest outfits. 

I think Monica’s style matches mine — it’s normal clothes but just a bit elevated, so she doesn’t look lazy. 

And, of course, I don’t have a team of stylists behind me for every shoot. 

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The One With The Black on Black

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friends outfits

I am truly in my element when I wear absolutely no colors. 

This is another outfit that I’ve worn before (not influenced by Friends at all) and I was so excited to ‘have to’ wear it today. 

Big, flowy pants are in style and oh so comfortable. My pants feel like sweatpants, but make me look somewhat put together, which is my favorite thing in the world. 

Also, the crop top never goes out of style (thank goodness). 

This look was perfect for a work-from-home day that could turn into a date night or an errand day. I loved every aspect of this outfit and felt incredibly comfortable in both the material and the ensemble. 

Monica’s outfit, once again, took very normal pieces that would be in anyone’s closet and elevated them to create this look!

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The One With The Free Flow Outfits

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Phoebe outfits

I, obviously, couldn’t forget Miss Phoebe! While Phoebe’s style is not at all in my comfort zone, I have to admit that it is incredibly comfortable. 

A lot of her clothes are just long skirts or dresses with loose tops. I love it. It was wonderful to work from home today in an outfit that felt like a fashionable hug. 

While I probably wouldn’t wear this out on a regular basis (it screams the ‘90s more than any other outfit I’ve worn this week), I would wear elements of it. I’ve worn this skirt paired with my crop top many times before, and the chambray shirt is from the Canadian tuxedo look earlier this week. 

I, genuinely, had so much fun in this outfit and loved closing out the week with this look!

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Have you ever dressed like the cast of Friends? What TV show should I dress like next? Comment below!

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