I Stole Carrie Bradshaw’s Style For A Week, And Yes, I’m Only Wearing Tutus Now

It is universally known that a girl can never have too many shoes, tutus, and designers hanging in her closet. When the men in her life fail her, her high heels will always be sitting there, waiting to pick her back up and raise her to new heights. 

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This week, I was inspired, like so many women before me, to dress like the stylish Carrie Bradshaw every day. While Bradshaw’s designer outfits and single-bedroom apartment in the Big Apple were a little out of my price range, I was able to have the time of my life dressing like the style icon that so many writers dream to be. 

And just like that, I was Carrie for a week.


My Week

If you’ve been following my Markey Tries It for a bit, you’ll know that I rarely stray from my work uniform. I believe in always presenting myself as a professional, so I strictly wear sports bras and sweatpants every day. I tried a capsule wardrobe a few weeks ago and it was the refresh I needed to branch out in the fashion department. That being said, I did try to find as many work-from-home outfits as I could for Carrie this week.

Day 1

carrie bradshaw outfitscarrie bradshaw outfits

I started out strong this week, in my silk robe and my bed. I knew I could get used to living like this — I didn’t even need to get out of bed for work today! 

This was my first taste of Carrie’s work-from-home outfits and I love them. I’m not sure if this is backed by scientific evidence, but I haven’t ever met someone who could be stressed while wearing a robe and staying in bed all day. But then again, I’ve never really met Carrie.

Day 2 

carrie bradshaw outfits

Would it be a true tribute to Sex and the City if I didn’t walk down a busy street in a tutu? The answer is no. I was horrified to go to downtown Nashville in my Carrie Bradshaw look, but it paid off. There’s something bonding about smiling at strangers as they compliment your tutu and they probably think you’re insane.

Pro tip: If you’re going to do this shoot, bring a change of shoes. My heels were ruined by the time I got back in the car. While my social anxiety was through the roof, this was the most fun I’ve had in a bit. Sex and the City is all about having fun and experimenting with style. Yes, I got some looks, but the majority of them were smiles and everyone was having a ball with me (and Carrie)!

Day 3

carrie bradshaw outfits

I needed a day in after I got dressed the day before, so we were back to working from home! 

Of all the dresses, Dior, and…well, pants that are worn in the show, I opted for an old Rolling Stones T-shirt and my partner’s boxers. Shockingly, I loved the outfit and it might be my new sweatpants and sports bra. I don’t know if this counts as an outfit, but some days are just like that. 

Day 4

=carrie bradshaw outfits

I’m in love with this look. While it’s a little shorter than I usually wear, it was so fun. I grabbed my partner’s shirt, but I would suggest getting a white T-Shirt dress to cover all the bits and bobs comfortably. Also, you may notice that the Hermès Belt is missing. I must have grabbed the only non-designer belt that was hanging in my closet — silly me! But after I added some clear heels and a purse, I was ready to go for the day!

Day 5

carrie bradshaw outfits

I adore a good sweatpants look and Carrie’s for sure looked better than mine. I somehow don’t have black sweatpants (???), so I opted for full gray from my sweatshirt to my pants. They’re not pictured, but I did wear my red heels on the stoop and probably looked a little crazy, but it was all about having fun!

Day 6

carrie bradshaw outfits carrie bradshaw outfits

And this is why you don’t throw away the one skirt you bought in high school to look ‘hot’. I dug my blue plaid skirt out of my closet, grabbed my partner’s white shirt (even though I should’ve opted for a white blazer) and slung a small bag over my shoulder. If you want to recreate the look, that would be an excellent excuse to get the Gucci bag that Bradshaw sports in the picture too!

Day 7

carrie bradshaw outfitscarrie bradshaw outfits

I had to do one more tutu look before the week was over! The green tutu is forever in my memory and I for sure thought I would look like her when I bought the green tutu on Amazon a few years ago…it didn’t work out too well. While it was just a recreation, I would suggest going all in and getting Carrie Bradshaw’s Dress on Etsy! Don’t forget the Brown Fur Muff and Clear Heels while you’re at it!

My Review

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If you’re ever in a rut, do this challenge. My favorite part of the week was how fun it was to mess up. I’m not going to look like Carrie Bradshaw and that’s okay. Most of the looks were for fun and I had the time of my life doing this. 

Most of these looks aren’t quite streetwear and that’s one of the best parts about the week. I was able to have fun, but most of all, I was able to dress somewhat like an idol I’ve had for years and I loved every second of it.


What was your favorite look? Have you ever tried to dress like Carrie? Who should I try to dress like next time? Comment below!

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