Tahira Mitchell On Her Unique Approach To Healing Others

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If something in your life isn’t working, you may want to seek out a different approach to making changes. 

It could be anything from unhealthy relationships with your parents, children, or partner, to feeling generally stuck in patterns that are keeping you from achieving what you want out of life. 

That’s where Tahira Mitchell comes in. 

Mitchell is a Life Healing Coach — but what sets her apart from run-of-the-mill life coaches? A lot. For starters, she has a Master’s degree and 18 years experience in social work and marriage and family therapy, which is invaluable when it comes to helping others in traumatic situations. 

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Mitchell made it her mission to make life better for others, starting her career as a marriage and family therapist in private practice and schools, working with families, individuals, couples, and kids from kindergarten through high school. 

The lessons learned through this season of her career, combined with her own upbringing, form her approach to healing through a focus on parental patterns.

“After completing over thousands of hours of clinical work, I knew that it was time to continue my evolution,” she says. “I knew that there were millions of adults out in the world, doing their best to live happy lives with a wounded child buried inside; and I knew that I could help.”

In order to get clarity and direction, she began working with a spiritual life coach. Through their deep dive into her own patterns and passions, she gained the confidence to pursue and acquire a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) degree. 

“In addition to the tools and perspectives gained through my education, I bring my own Tahira-ness: my intuitive gifts, my willingness to sit beside my clients and hold their hands while they cry, and my willingness to be vulnerable and share my own story,” she says

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Having come through her own difficult times, she has the experience and empathy to work with those who want to break previous patterns — she changed her life, and she can help you change yours, too. 

“Together, we break those unhealthy shackles,”Mitchell’s website says. “No longer stumbling through life with a burdened limp, but leaping into the future with joy and freedom.”

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mitchell about what she does, how she does it, and why her process differs from other life coaches. Keep reading for the full interview!

Q: Can you expand on what a private life healing coach is, and how it differs from other life coaching? 

Life healing coach is a title I came up with to highlight what I do. I help women heal their lives by addressing dysfunctional patterns in the present. We draw the connection between their current problems/issues, leading back to their dysfunctional upbringing, stemming from their parental foundation. 

The difference between me and a traditional life coach is that a traditional life coach may not have the extensive educational training that I have obtained. A Master’s degree is not required to become a life coach. I use my educational/clinical training, my life experiences, and my intuitional/psychic impressions to help guide the process of healing. 

Oftentimes, a traditional life coach may not have the clinical and educational training, which can cause harm to an individual by triggering traumas. They also aren’t able to properly assess for a mental health disorder. 

Q: How did you make the transition from social work/therapist to your path now? 

As a social worker, I served individuals with my Bachelor’s degree; however, when transitioning to becoming a therapist, I obtained my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and completed over 3000 hours of client clinical training. 

Q: Was there an “Aha” moment of clarity you can recall that led you here?

That moment was when I was providing traditional therapy to a client, and when that client was emoting intense emotions, I found myself wanting to share more about my experiences in relation to what she was experiencing at that time. I wanted to sit on the same side of the couch with her and hug her as she cried. I wanted to use my intuitive gifts to guide her further. As a traditional therapist, it’s not typical to share your personal experiences or use psychic impressions to help with the therapeutic process. The feeling of restriction under traditional therapy practice allowed for the “Aha” moment. 

Q: What tools do you offer clients to help with parental problems/patterns? 

Affirmations, reprogramming of thoughts, psychic/intuitive impressions, and inner child work. The tools are given in this process and are individually tailored, as they are mostly guided through intuitive impressions. 

Q: Is it difficult to take on other people’s pain about their upbringing when you’ve suffered your own? How do you balance that? 

If you are an empath, it’s extremely hard because we feel things that others do not. However, when we have not worked on ourselves to pinpoint our own traumas, we can easily take on someone else’s pain as our own. It’s important to make a mental analysis of “their stuff vs mine.” If you haven’t put in the work to deal with your own issues and traumas, you will most likely have a hard time balancing this. 

Usually, an unhealed person will over/under function in the relationship without getting their needs met in return. The balance is to work on your own traumas, be aware of your internal triggers, and set boundaries thereafter. I teach my clients how to do that. 

Q: What does a journey with you look like (for the client) in terms of inner work/healing?

  • An extensive assessment of their childhood background, traumas and experiences is conducted – I use assessments to capture this and measure progress. 

  • Clients are expected to write in a journal and complete weekly homework assignments — all custom designed.

  • Assignments are tailored from psychic impressions. 

  • Tailored affirmations are custom designed, specifically for the client.

  • Triggers are analyzed and dealt with on a daily basis. 

  • Dysfunctional patterns are identified and dealt with. 

  • Weekly sessions and daily communication, as needed, to help with healing triggers in the moment. 

  • Walking alongside as a coach, guide, counselor, intuitive, and sharing my own life experiences, when appropriate, to accelerate the healing process.

  • Clients feel a shift of change and results between 6-8 weeks when fully immersed and committed to the work assigned. 

Q. How do you balance your work and personal life?

By completely disconnecting from clients, emotionally – usually sitting in a quiet space where I go inward and visualize the disconnection in spiritual practice. This practice allows for a work-life balance. 

Q: What are some examples of “unhealthy shackles?”

If you find yourself in and out of relationships where you are feeling lonely, abandoned, giving too much or too little of yourself, you are likely shackled. 

If you find yourself ending relationships the same way over and over again, unsure why — you are likely shackled.

You have difficulty finding that one person who could fulfill your every need, you’re always finding something wrong with them, waiting for them to mess up, can’t trust them, they never meet your expectations or needs – you are likely shackled as well (these are just a few of many). 

Q: How do you practice self-care?

Spiritual awareness, talking to higher power/God/praying, following my intuition and spiritual guides, spending time with friends, family, and my dogs. Admiring nature and sitting in it, saying “I love you” to myself all the time (these are just a few).


Tahira Mitchell’s life healing process is truly unique! Tell us what you think about her approach in the comments!

About Tahira Mitchell

Tahira Mitchell is a Life Healing Coach providing women with life purpose, freedom, and sustained healing from unhealthy parental relationships. Her career in private life healing coaching began with her own upbringing and was shaped by eighteen years in social work and marriage and family therapy.

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