These Personalized Christmas Gifts Will Make Your Loved Ones Say “Wow, They Really Know Me”

If you’re going to get someone a Christmas gift, it can be tempting to head to Amazon, do a brief search, pick something out, and get it in two days. But personalized gifts are far more memorable — and, not to mention, more meaningful. Whether it’s a portrait of your sister’s pets or a desk station for the dad who has everything, these personalized Christmas gifts will wow.


Go Game of Thrones “I drink, and I know things,” with these initialed wine glasses.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $39.49

Cozy and quick-drying, these monogrammed robes feel luxurious post-at-home spa day.

monogrammed robes

SHOP – $99

The chef of the family will be thrilled to have a cutting board specifically personalized for them.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $46.99

They’ll feel like they’re on HGTV with a cute, personalized portrait of their home.

portrait of house

SHOP – $38+

This necklace celebrates your loved ones’ lives with an engraved birth flower and birthstone pendant. 

PERSONALIZED christmas gift

SHOP – $36.89+

Beauty queens everywhere will love this personalized pouch that carries their multiple tubes of lipstick and mascara.

personalized makeup pouch

SHOP – $9.99+

Why buy them a mass-produced perfume when you can send them this kit to make their own?


SHOP – $95

The gold plating on this personalized initial pendant is subtle, yet elegant.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $58

Keep their timepieces pristine in this sleek, personalized watch box


SHOP – $139 (+$12.50)

Give your loved ones a jewelry box with their initials, so no one accidentally swipes their diamonds.

personalized jewelry box

SHOP – $129 (+$12.50)

Include the family in this personalized puzzle, featuring a cartoon snapshot of their fam at the beach with other fun characters.

personalized puzzle

SHOP – $129

Kids will love their names spelled out in bright, colorfully-blended crayons.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $19.95+

This tote is spacious enough to carry the non-necessities, and the gold monogram adds a sleek touch.

monogrammed bag

SHOP – $195

The best way to gift these socks: plastering your face on them, so they’ll think of you each time they run out of regular socks.

face socks

SHOP – $13.99

Why give them a vase with a printed letter when the vase can BE the letter?

vase letters

SHOP – $40+

A personalized whiskey decanter screams “sophisticated” each time they use it.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $57.98+

Delivery drivers won’t wonder if they’re at the right house when your loved one’s name is on their welcome mat.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $25+

They can say goodbye to frantically searching for their lasagna recipe, because it’s engraved into this cutting board.

engraved cutting board

SHOP – $59+

Show them what the constellations looked like on the day they were born with this wooden star map. It’s even more accurate if you know the time and place they were born at.

constellation map

SHOP – $35.96+

Their adored Fido and Fluffy can go down in history as the cutest portraits in your loved one’s home.

pet portrait

SHOP – $33.75+

This acrylic serving tray can have initials engraved in between the chic leather and gold handles.

initialized serving trays

SHOP – $99 (+$12.50)

Throw your keys onto this monogrammed wood and marble valet. Bonus: you can choose the letters’ design.

wood and marble valet

SHOP – $69 (+$12.50)

This personalized desk station is perfect for the person who has everything, because it can hold all of that everything they own.

desk station

SHOP – $72+

This birthstone necklace is perfect for mom, because it can hold up to seven stones — no more arguing over which sibling’s birthstone necklace she wears to the family dinner.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $169+

Choose from three different woods and add personalization, including portraits and names, on this cribbage board.

cribbage board

SHOP – $63.48

Tell your person why you love them so much in a sweet box with personalized hearts.

personalized couples box

SHOP – $18.72+

Let them remember you each time they open this wallet by monogramming a personal message.

personalized christmas gifts

SHOP – $13.99+


Which personalized Christmas gifts are you getting for your loved ones? Tell us in the comments!

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