These Housewarming Gifts Will Make Your Friend’s New Place Feel Like Home

When my parents retired and moved to the beach, they were lucky enough to move into a fully-furnished and fully-decorated little beach house. It’s absolutely adorable, but it left little room for much in the way of housewarming gifts. Seriously, the walls were (and are) covered with beachy paraphernalia. I finally settled on what was, in my mind, one of the best housewarming gifts I could find that fit them and the space — a little customized “Hunt Home” sign with hooks to hang their keys.

But maybe (hopefully) you’re looking for a housewarming gift for someone with the opposite problem — someone who has all the basics, but could use a lil extra something to make their space feel more like home. Or more like somewhere you’ll be inviting yourself to on a regular basis. You do you.

Smart Cocktail Machine

Smart cocktail machines are basically the alcoholic version of a Keurig. Yes, really. The Bartesian holds four types of alcohol and uses recyclable capsules to create different alcoholic beverages. Pop in a margarita capsule, choose the drink on the screen and, boom, you have a robotic bartender at your fingertips. If your friend is setting up a bar or doesn’t have a room for a full one in their new home, the Bartesian will be a perfect gift. For a cheaper option, the Barsys Smart Cocktail Coaster syncs up with an app to tell the home bartender when to start and stop pouring ingredients in accordance with certain recipes.

Customizable Candles

Who doesn’t love candles? Well, my dad, but he has pretty severe reactions to anything scented, so we’ll give him a pass. A customized candle will be a winning housewarming gift for pretty much anyone else in your book! 

Customizable Cutting Boards

When you move into a new house, there are always a few necessities you forget about, be it an extra power strip, kitchen scissors, or a cutting board. Etsy offers many different personalized cutting boards, designed to be used and displayed in style.

Smart Home

Is a loved one moving into their own place? The Echo Show 10 makes it easy to video chat with family and keep that connection strong. Amazon smart home devices also have so many other helpful capabilities like playing music, watching videos on it (like recipe videos while you cook), answering questions, and much more! Alternatively, if they prefer non-Amazon related smart gear, the Google Nest hub may be the way to go.

Smart Mug

Want to buy for a coffee connoisseur? The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug will keep their coffee warm for as long as it takes for them to sip it down. For a cheaper option, check out the coffee cup warmer coaster — perfect for your work-from-home friend.

Spice Racks

Even if your friend has spice storage already, they might be ready for an upgrade. Evermill’s spice rack includes organic spices and can be displayed either on the countertop or mounted on a wall. Gneiss’ magnetic spice jars, on the other hand, can be displayed on any magnetic surface, though we’d recommend also getting Gneiss’ wall plate mount if you go this route.

Speakers & Soundbars

Nothing will bring their new house alive like some tunes. Get your favorite new homeowner this Uxbridge Voice smart speaker that integrates seamlessly with their Amazon Alexa, while the Vizio Home Theater Sound Bar will supply the perfect surround sound system for your next movie night.

Designer Blankets

Finally, for that friend who’s just a little extra, get them something that’s also extra — like a designer throw. They’ll toss it over their favorite chair, and you’ll have something cute and cozy to snuggle up with when you visit.


What are your favorite housewarming gifts? Do you want any of these as much as we do? Leave a comment below!

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