These Housewarming Gifts Will Make Your Friend’s New Place Feel Like Home

Do you have a friend who is moving soon? Housewarming gifts are some of the most fun to give because the recipient is starting completely fresh. While they may already have the basics, it gives you a chance to give them a gift they will absolutely love and not have to try to make room for. Here are 8 of the coolest housewarming gifts on the market that I guarantee any friend will love!


Smart Cocktail Machine

We all know how Keurigs work, so imagine an alcoholic version. The Bartesian holds four types of alcohol and uses recyclable capsules to create different alcoholic beverages. Pop in a margarita capsule, choose the drink on the screen, and boom, you have a robotic bartender at your fingertips. If your friend is setting up a bar or doesn’t have a room for a full one in their new home, the Bartesian will be a perfect gift. For a cheaper option, try this Bibo Barmaid Smart Cocktail Machine from Amazon.

Customizable Candles

Looking for something simple but fun? Etsy offers so many different customizable candles to choose from! The one on the left is FRIENDS-themed and can include the name (or names) of the recipients! The one on the right is can say anything you want it to, front and back. Candles are always a good gift for when the new house smell fades away but it’ll be even more fun if it is personalized.

Customizable Cutting Boards

When you move into a new house, there are always a few necessities you forget about, be it an extra power strip, kitchen scissors, or a cutting board. Just like the candle, Etsy offers many different personalized cutting boards in many price ranges designed so they can be used but can also be displayed in style.

Amazon Echo

Is a loved one moving out into their own place? The Echo Show 10 makes it easy to video chat with family and keep that connection strong. Amazon devices of any kind, like the Echo Dot, also have so many other helpful capabilities like playing music, watching videos on it (like recipe videos while you cook), answering questions, and much more!

Smart Mug

Are you visiting a coffee connoisseur? The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug will keep their coffee warm for as long as it takes for them to sip it down. Kitchen gadgets are always a great gift, but this one will bring the heat anywhere they need it like their home office or on the side table by the couch. Need a cheaper option? Amazon offers this one. For more coffee gadgets, read this article from the beginning of the year.

Spice Racks

One of the biggest kitchen conundrums is how to display your spices. Forget the spice rack — how about a spinning spice carousel?

Bluetooth Retro Music Players

Nothing will bring their new house alive like some tunes. Jukeboxes and record players are a must! These two options are in different price ranges and both offer cool vintage vibes, no matter what music is being played.


A toaster with a screen on it? You might think we’re out of our minds! If your friend has a boring old toaster on their registry, kick it up a few notches. The toaster on the left allows you to pick from seven toasting options from light to dark. Nothing feels more futuristic than using a touch screen to pick out the type of pastry you’re cooking and have a countdown on the screen as it cooks to the exact degree you chose. There are also other toaster options that let you choose the settings, but minus the screen.


What are your favorite housewarming gifts? Do you want any of these as much as we do? Leave a comment below!

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