Give Your Favorite Hostess With The Mostess A Thoughtful Gift She’ll Actually Want To Use

We’ve all been there: you get an unexpected house guest during the holiday season, and you don’t want them to leave empty handed. Or, the opposite happens, you get a last-minute invitation that you can’t really turn down…and you have to bring something, because you aren’t an animal…no…you’re a person who knows how to be polite.

Such is the plight of the modern hostess. You know the one. Everyone knows at least one. (I’m not the one.) The type of gracious person who makes sure every person who enters her home feels welcome and appreciated. Here you’ll find great gifts for your favorite hostess…why not pick up something special that will make her smile?


Monogrammed Soap & Towel Gift Set

Sure, if you have advanced notice, you can have the soaps personalized. But I’d go ahead and buy a few sets with a charmingly neutral “XOX,” though. Everyone can do with some hugs and kisses.

Williams Sonoma Home Monogrammed Soap & Towel Gift Set

SHOP – $59.00

Nathalie Lete Helena Apron

The prettiest apron I’ve ever seen in my entire life, this apron might just change the “I don’t really cook” attitude I’ve had for the last three years.

anthropologie Nathalie Lete Helena Apron 

SHOP – $32.00

Margarita Gift Set

There’s no two ways about it: this margarita set is stunning. I’d gift this with a bag of tortilla chips and a container of salsa from a favorite local Mexican restaurant.

Williams Sonoma Margarita Gift Set

SHOP – $119.95

Always Pan

The pan you’ve seen all over Instagram and TikTok would make a thoughtful gift. Slip a gift certificate to Whole Foods inside the gift bag so the recipient can make a special meal.

anthropologie always pan

SHOP – $145.00

Handcrafted Acacia Wood Slab Cheese Board

Gift this beautifully rustic acacia wood board with a hunk of manchego and a glass of crisp white wine.

pottery barn Handcrafted Acacia Wood Slab Cheese Board

SHOP – $99.00

Quincy Composite Agate Cheese Board

Sure, you could gift this with cheese, but why not offer some decadent chocolate instead? Everyone has done a cheese plate…but a chocolate plate would be a fun take on an informal tasting. 

anthropologie Quincy Composite Agate Cheese Board 

SHOP – $68.00

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker

Genius. Absolutely genius. Fill the containers with whatever spirits you like: tequila, gin, vodka, rum, and let the cocktail maker dispense the perfect proportions of whatever mixed drink you like.

Bartesian Premium Cocktails on Demand

SHOP – $349.95

Caraway Baking Set

For the pal who watches The Great British Bake-Off and thinks ”I could do that,” this Caraway baking set is the perfect gift. I’d gift this, then try to finagle an invitation to brunch at the recipient’s house the next weekend.

caraway bakeware set

SHOP – $495.00

Bleecker Bar Starter Gift Set

New products that look like old products are one of my favorite things. The Bleecker Bar set looks like something you’d find at your great-grandmother’s house, but with thoughtful, modern touches. The company is certified Fair Trade, which means the people who make these sets are fairly compensated, and the manufacturer backs community-boosting projects in the worker’s city.

Bleecker Bar Starter Gift Set

SHOP – $250.00

Wild Groves Infused Olive Oil Set

Herb-infused olive oil is always a good idea, and this gift would make any hostess smile. Present with a gift card for a local pizza place so the recipient can drizzle the oil on top of their favorite slice.

Wild Groves Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

SHOP – $39.95

Crafthouse Smoking Cloche

The hostess who loves throwing impressive dinner parties will practically weep with joy when you present her with this smoking cloche. And isn’t that what love is all about? Causing a loved one to break out in happy tears?

Crafthouse Smoking Cloche

SHOP – $240.00

Waterfall Coupe Glasses

I love these glasses more than I like most people. I’d be tempted to keep the set of four glasses for myself and drink my orange juice out of them.

coupe glasses

SHOP – $64.00

Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede 230 Hour Candle

Nobody does soft and romantic like Jo Malone, and the peony and blush suede candle offers a subtle-yet-pretty scent that smells upscale. I’d gift this with a book that I think the recipient would enjoy.

jo malone peony and blush suede candle

SHOP – $70.00

Truffleist Wood Gift Set

It’s a scientific fact: truffles make everything 87% better. This gift set of truffle-infused oil, honey, salt, and mustard would make a gourmand very, very happy. 

Truffleist Wood Gift Set

SHOP – $79.95

Our Place Perfect Pot 

Sure, Le Creuset is a classic, but the Our Place Perfect Pot is a work of art. Available in your choice of colors, the all-in-one pot can handle anything from roasting to braising to steaming with ease.

anthropologie Our Place Perfect Pot 

SHOP – $165.00

Handmade Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters

An inexpensive-yet-classic home accessory, this under-$30 set of coasters is the perfect gift for a new friend. The type of gift that says “I come in peace,” and I also have good taste.

pottery barn Handmade Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters

SHOP – $24.50

Jonathan Adler Gala Vase

We all have that friend. That friend who’s the loudest person in the room. Whose infectious laugh can cause everyone to stop and stare. Give that friend the gala vase to let her know that you love her magnetic personality.  

jonathan adler gala vase 

SHOP – $208.00

Gucci Green Herbarium Teapot

When tea is more than something you sip — it’s an event — it’s time to consider the Gucci teapot.

gucci green herbarium teapot

SHOP – $620.00

Vintner’s Wine Opener

I love this wine opener — it looks like it could be a modern work of art or a vintage sex toy. Either way, this bad boy is meant for display.

pottery barn Vintners Wine Opener

SHOP – $299

Wüsthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Block Set

I once took a knife skills class at Williams Sonoma, so I’m totally a knife snob. Wüsthof is one of those legacy brands that is reliable, sturdy, and built to last. Don’t sleep on this gift set.

Wüsthof Gourmet 12-Piece Knife Block Set

SHOP – $299.95


Who’s your favorite Hostess with the Mostest? What gift are you getting her from this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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