CookUnity Is The Small-Batch, Chef-Prepared Meal Service Taking The Country By Storm! Here’s Our Review

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I’ve been seeing ads for CookUnity on my social media for a while now and honestly, hadn’t really considered ordering. I’ve tried similar meal services before — Freshly, SunBasket, Sakara (which we reviewed here), Home Chef, Model Meals, etc. and never found one that met my and especially my partner’s standards or needs. He doesn’t cook at all and if I have a busy day or am out for the day, he has to go out to eat. I try to have some meals prepped in the fridge for him, but they’re never that varied or amazing.

What sets CookUnity apart is that each meal is chef-crafted and prepared – it’s not a typical assembly line, factory-type process of frozen or fresh meals. The quality is supposed to be restaurant or chef quality and everything is prepared in small batches. CookUnity also prioritizes local sourcing for their ingredients and includes a lot of whole foods and fresh fruits and veggies, which was important to me.

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We have been trying to eat healthier and eat at home more, so I decided to give CookUnity a chance. I ordered their 4 meal a week plan which is the minimum, but more than covers our occasional lunch needs. They have plans going all the way up to 16 meals per week. The cost for me on my 4 meal plan is $13.49 per meal, which may sound like a lot, but considering the fact we are using this to replace a restaurant meal, it’s very reasonable.

My first impression on their website was definitely positive. They had A TON of options for meals, way more than I’ve ever seen on either a fresh meal service or even a meal kit service. There were plenty of vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and paleo options available and all different ethnic varieties of foods as well. They didn’t push the add-ons as some services have done. It was easy and straightforward.

I chose my four meals and as delivery day arrived I received several text messages letting me know my driver was on route, and then finally that my order had been delivered. The meals come freshly prepared, not frozen, and delivered by courier so I made sure to get them in the fridge right away. It helped that they were delivered later in the day when I’m usually home. One huge difference from other services I’ve tried is that CookUnity’s meals were delivered in a reusable cooler bag with a reusable ice pack. You simply set it out on your next delivery day and they pick it up — no waste AT ALL.

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My first week’s 4 meals were: Everything But The Bagel Crusted Chicken, Penne Bolognese, Greek Chicken, and Tuscan Butter Shrimp. Each meal has the nutritional information right on the front of the package, info on the chef who prepared it, as well as several options for heating the meal. It was very simple and my partner ate the Penne Bolognese the first day after delivery — he loved it. Which is rare, as he’s super particular. I would say the only meal we didn’t love was the Everything But The Bagel Crusted Chicken. The chicken was cooked perfectly, but I found that seasoning a bit overpowering. Just personal preference and not the chef’s fault at all.

I have to say I was very happy with CookUnity and I have continued to order from them since my first week. Here’s a quick list of my pros and cons:


  • Extremely high quality of food and preparation

  • Easy to follow, clear heating instructions

  • An amazing array of meals to choose from

  • Easy to find nutritional info

  • Meals last well in the fridge 

  • Complete meals on their own with no additions required

  • Would be easy to take to the office and prepare in shared kitchen space

  • Super convenient for people who are busy or can’t/don’t cook


  • Expensive compared to make at home meals

  • Each meal feeds one so not practical for large families to share

  • Isn’t available country-wide currently (though they’re expanding their reach fast)

  • No customization options so might not be ideal for someone with serious allergies

This service was far superior to others I have tried and I will definitely be using them moving forward. I love how easy it is to skip a week and since my first try I’ve also ordered some of their add-on products, like bottled juice blends and dessert treats, all of which have been really good. Most meal services aren’t filling enough for my partner, but I could see the calories and nutritional info when I ordered so I could plan for that and get meals that we both could enjoy according to our individual needs and preferences. 

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Have you tried CookUnity or any other meal delivery service? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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