Sakara Is The Healthy Meal Delivery Service I’ve Wanted — Here’s My Review

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*This is not a paid or sponsored post, we purchased all meal services listed on our own dime*

I’ve tried A LOT of meal delivery services over the last 15 years. Like, A LOT. From Sunbasket and Green Chef, where they send you recipes and all the ingredients for you to cook them yourself to Model Meals, Mosaic and Freshly, where the meals come totally prepared and you just heat and eat.

Here’s the thing — I love to cook and don’t mind taking the time to buy groceries and prepare my own food. But life gets busy, especially during the day, and I can find myself grabbing quick, convenient meals that aren’t that nutritionally solid. I’m talking about you, Starbucks. If I have pre-prepped stuff in my fridge, I’m more likely to stay on track and meet my health and nutrition goals.

I recently saw a lot of ads on my social media accounts for Sakara, a vegan and gluten free meal prep service that delivers either 3 or 5 days worth of meals right to your door. When I looked on their menu for the following weeks, I saw some yummy looking options and decided to give it a try. I won’t lie to you, it’s PRICEY, but I figured maybe it would help me get into a routine of healthier eating so I paid up.

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Here is the good and bad of this particular meal delivery week for me.



1. So easy and convenient — the meals were dropped off at my front gate in the middle of the night Sunday night so they were ready to go Monday morning. Most didn’t even require reheating.

2. They included new ingredients for me, like goji berries and seaweed noodles, which I was curious to try and wouldn’t have purchased on my own.

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3. I felt that superior feeling you get when you’re on a health kick, knowing I was crushing my nutritional goals.

4. Although at first glance I worried some of the meals wouldn’t fill me up, I could barely finish them and felt no need at all to supplement with snacks or add protein.

5. Some of the meals I got were seriously GOOD. Like, addictive good. I received a granola breakfast that I could probably eat for every meal and a goji berry donut that was *chefs kiss*

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6. Bonus points for super cute packaging.


1. SO MANY GREENS — every lunch and dinner was basically a salad and I got seriously tired of chewing greens. The sheer volume I needed to eat was overwhelming and kind of tedious after a day or two.

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2. Lack of variety. The salad toppings were extremely varied but at the end of the day, a salad is a salad.

3. As I said before, SO PRICEY (for 5 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner the cost is $420 weekly).

4. I wish they had more flexibility. I would love to order from them regularly just for breakfast and lunch, but they don’t offer that option. They also don’t allow you to choose any of your meals; it’s a set menu, so that’s an issue for me.

So while Sakara breakfasts hit it out of the park for me, the lunches and dinners were a bit too repetitive, at least for the week I ordered delivery. Every meal was a salad with the exception of one lasagna (with a side salad) and one pad thai (still so many greens). 

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For hardcore vegans, this is a good option. But for people without the restriction, I think it may be limiting. Mosaic is another vegan meal option, less expensive, but the meals come frozen instead of fresh which I thought was a little less exciting. 

My favorite meal delivery service so far in all my trials has been Model Meals. They have a TON of variety, everything is super yum, and while it is pricey, you can pick and choose. Keep in mind they are not vegan, although they are allergen free and gluten free. The meals come fresh to your door and you pick what you want so you know you’ll like all the options you get. You do need to heat most of them up which for office workers might be annoying, but I think the flavors make it worth it.


What’s your favorite meal delivery service? Any you want us to review?

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