Embrace the Halloween Spirit with These Creative and Fun Costume Ideas

Hello Witches! Spooky Season is nearly upon us and so we’re kicking off the Halloween spirit with some majorly fun and creative costumes that you, your friends, partner, and family can wear. Although Halloween this year may look a little different for some of us, it doesn’t mean we can’t get dressed up and make it even ten times more festive than previous years. Ready to get spooky?


Couple Costumes:

Danny and Sandy from Grease

grease couple


No brainer! This Grease power couple comes back every year but we love it and you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also one of the easier costumes to pull together on a lower budget. For Danny, all you need is a black t-shirt, tucked into skinny black pants and a leather moto jacket. For Sandy, wear an off-the-shoulder bardot top/bodysuit with skintight black pants (leather is optional), and a wide black waist belt. The most important here are the gorgeous voluminous curls, gold hoops, and red lips.

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin


Is this the most flattering and stylish idea out there? Ummm… no. But it is hilarious and you’ll find yourself getting into character for this one! To nail this look, think gas station fashion. Joe, you’ll need an outrageously patterned shirt (easily thrifted) and a beaded necklace of your choice. The more random the better. You get brownie points if you rock the mullet. Final touch: reflective sunglasses which you can honestly find at any gas station. As for Carol, think Coachella girl with the flower crowns and bohemian influences in looser-fit silhouettes. Wear a patterned animal print top with straight cut jeans or an animal print dress. Don’t forget the chunky earrings.

Men In Black

men in black

This costume will look best if you have a partner to do it with, and it’s an easy costume while still looking like you tried (thanks to the suits). For this look, you’ll need a black suit set and a white collared shirt, black shoes, and black sunglasses, of course. The laser shooting gadgets are optional.

Bonnie and Clyde


Another classic and one of our favorites – this criminal pairing rocks the sharp and snazzy 30’s fashion which has become a Halloween costume favorite and it’s surprisingly easy to pull together! For Bonnie’s look, you’ll need a t-shirt sweater or a cable knit top of any kind, a knee length business casual skirt, a beret, and a chic satin scarf to tie around your neck. As for Clyde, you’ll need a suit set complete with a vest in either grey or blue, a patterned tie, fedora, and dress shoes.

Gomez and Morticia Addams


The charm of this Halloween costume is really in the makeup and styling. For clothing, Gomez wears a dark-colored suit (black, grey, maroon, striped) with a white collared shirt and matching tie while Morticia wears a velvet black dress with sleeves. For makeup – Adding a stache for Gomez will really take the look to the next level, with hair middle parted and excessively gelled and styled, including some dark eyeshadow around the eyes. For Morticia, don’t be afraid to use a heavy hand with the eye makeup. You’re going to need a dramatic smokey eye and vibrant red lips.

Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby


Set in the 1920’s, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s critically acclaimed novel has become a pop culture favorite and one of our personal favorite Halloween costume ideas. Perhaps it’s because of the beauty, the glitz, and the glam of the 1920’s attire and the world Fitzgerald painted in his book that also made it onto the big screen. For all the inspiration you need, we recommend checking out the movie. This costume will require a bit more scouring and even some DIY action but you’ll feel like a million bucks when you wear this with your Gatsby. 1920’s accessories can be found just about anywhere around this time of year!

Peggy Carter and Captain Steve Rogers


Who can pass up this beloved onscreen MCU couple? For Peggy Carter, you’ll need an olive green skirt suit set and a few gold pins to clasp onto the lapels of your blazer (a tie is optional), red lips, and bouncy waves. For Captain America, you’ll need a variation of his rugged military uniform and his Captain America shield if you want to go the extra mile.

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Going Solo:

Space Cowgirl


The popularity of this costume has been on the rise and we predict we’ll be seeing more cute takes of the space cowgirl costume in the coming years. For this one, think glam cowgirl. Stick to the staple accessories that make a western-inspired outfit what it is (like western boots, cowboy hats, and fringe) but glam it up with neons, sequins, and reflective fabrics for that extraterrestrial touch.

Retro 70’s Girl

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For a funky and stylish costume idea, we love the retro 70’s girl. This costume is really up to your interpretation but make sure to include any of the following: bright colors and patterns, headband or headwrap, large accessories (sunglasses, belts, gloves, etc.), patent boots, bell bottoms, and a peace sign!


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Create an air of mystery and allure by going as a masquerade girl. This is the perfect costume if you’re looking to wear something very formal. You can also do a modern take on this by slipping into a slinkier, more form-fitting dress.

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The Wizard of Oz


This classic movie makes the perfect inspiration for a group costume idea! Each look is wildly different, but imagine how fun it would be to get ready together and source the pieces you need to pull off this look. Some easier, low-cost variations include: using scarecrow makeup for scarecrow, wearing a lion onesie for lion, and wearing grey and reflective apparel for the tin man.



This was our favorite group of friends then in the 90’s, and they are still our favorite group now! You’ll need 6 friends for this and we recommend wearing their standout attires to really nail this group costume (e.g. Ross and his brown suits, Phoebe with her funky bohemian numbers, etc.), otherwise you can’t go wrong with the effortless, relaxed 90’s looks. Make sure one of you is wearing denim overalls!

Mario Kart Party


Let loose and get creative with the Mario Party characters! There are so many characters to choose from so you can round up as many or as little friends as you want for this costume idea. You might need to get a little crafty with this one, but it will be a costume you’ll never forget.

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What do your Halloween festivities look like this year? Share with us in the comments below!

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