Embrace The Halloween Spirit With These Creative And Fun Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here, which means it’s costume time! If you’re wondering who you should dress up as this year, we’ve got some ideas. Whether you’re going out solo, dressing up with your sweetie, or owning the town with your friends, these costumes are killer!


Solo Costumes

Who needs a plus-one with a Halloween costume that will catch everyone’s eyes?

2021’s Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone’s fashion in the 2021 movie makes this a must-wear.

Wanda From The Halloween Episode

Wanda is a certified badass, and her clothing in the Halloween episode convinces you of that.

Frankenstein’s Bride

A classic, but always so good to bring to a party. Who needs Frankenstein there, anyway?

Daisy from The Great Gatsby

Ah, Daisy, all glitz and glam. Don that flapper dress or jeweled gown and feel like the belle of the ball.

Queen of Hearts

She was a woman in power. Did she abuse it? Okay, maybe. But she’s still powerful!

Emily From the Corpse Bride

This look is gorgeous. I know she’s supposed to be dead, but if you’re a fan of going all out on Halloween, blue skin is pretty fun.

Couple’s Costumes

Partner up with your sweetie for the ultimate ‘gram. And because you love them, of course.

Puppeteer and Marionette

So much for “no strings attached.” Sorry, we had to.

Britney and Justin in THAT Outfit

No one will have to guess who you are, because this pop culture look is imprinted in everyone’s minds.

Sonny and Cher

Get into the ‘70s spirit by dressing like the iconic husband and wife.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

You don’t have to kill each other, but you can amp up the chemistry that you two have.

Jessica & Roger Rabbit

Sex appeal with your sweetie in tow.

NASA & Alien

An astronaut falls in love with an alien. Will the astronaut return to Earth? After all, the alien is very convincing.

Family Costumes

Keep the family together and go out in a group costume!

Wizard of Oz 

How can you say no to this family costume? It was practically designed for families!

Mystery Gang

You’ll probably have to draw straws to decide who gets to wear the Scooby costume.

Addams Family

The Addams family is my favorite family, so you can bet I’ll be dressing my kids up and doing this.

Toy Story 

Everyone loves Toy Story, no matter their age, so why not dress like them?

Winnie the Pooh 

If you have younger kids who love Winnie the Pooh, this is a cute, age-appropriate costume.

The Incredibles

Superpowers? Check. Totally sweet family? Also check. Now all you need is a costume, straight from Edna Mode herself.

Group Costumes

No family, but a bunch of friends? Team up with them for a Halloween costume that will earn you compliments all night.

A Specific Decade

Wish you had been there for the ’20s? Or perhaps you missed out on the ‘70s hippie vibe. Live it with your friends.


Fairies are going to be big this year. All you need is a dress, some wings, and a little pixie dust (and glitter, of course).

Powerpuff Girls

If you have a close group, dress up as the Powerpuff girls and get ready to fight.

Fantana Girls

They may have been created to promote Fanta, but their style and dance moves are still stellar.

Spice Girls

Baby, Posh, Sporty…you might have to fight over who wears the Union Jack. (Who doesn’t want to be Ginger Spice, to be fair?)

Different Holidays & Seasons 

You can all dress up as a reincarnation of one holiday, or dress up separately to cover all four. And, yes, we know that’s Mean Girls — why not kill two birds with one stone?


Which Halloween costumes do you love? Who are you spending it with? Tell us in the comments, and have a spoooooky Halloween!

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