Lady, It’s Time To Cleanse All Those Crystals You Binge-Bought During The Pandemic

Are you one of those people who invested a bit too much into crystals during the pandemic and now you have about 20 stones that you don’t know how to cleanse? That’s okay, we’ve got you. 

You should try to cleanse your crystals as often as you can, especially when you notice they’re not working as well as they used to. Susan Diamond, owner of Moonstone Metaphysical and Serpent’s Kiss, says “This act of nurturing your stone also serves to strengthen your bond and ability to communicate.” And before you start doubting whether you really need to go about the process of cleansing crystals, just know that if you don’t, you might find your stones to be tired and not as powerful as before.

Why Cleanse Crystals?

For years, people have sworn by crystals’ healing powers to cleanse negativity, change lives, and promote manifestation. But crystal owners need to cleanse their crystals of any negative energy that might cling to them, so they can do their best work.

While crystals are said to have the ability to cleanse your life, they often need cleansing too. In the most basic sense, crystals need cleansing because they’ve passed through many hands before ending up in your home. During their journey, they have collected a lot of energy from their holders, and it might not have all been good energy. According to research conducted by Jyngyu Zhang, crystals can store a massive amount of data, indefinitely. So they need cleansing to be restored to their natural state. 

Some practitioners believe you should cleanse your crystals before and after every healing session, just to wring out any bad energy they may hold. If you don’t have time for that, you can implement a weekly or monthly crystal cleansing session so that they can get cleansed often, but not too often.

Methods of Crystal Cleansing

Thankfully, there are many methods you can utilize when cleansing your crystals. The method you choose can depend heavily on your preference, but also on what your crystal is made for (and of).

Running Water

Using running water to cleanse your crystals is one of the most popular methods to remove negative energy. Water is a great neutralizer for all negative energy that can become inadvertently stored in crystals. Simply place your crystals under a tap, in the rain, or in a stream for 4-5 minutes and they’ll be cleansed. 

Sea Salt

Another water method you might want to use when cleaning your crystals is the sea salt method. Adding sea salt to the water and leaving your stone in it overnight along with dried sage, basil, or lavender can cleanse it of any negative energy. However, you don’t want to put a porous stone that has lots of little holes or ridges (think pyrite, hematite, etc.) in the salt water, since it can get damaged.


While this cleansing method might be the most accessible, it’s not recommended for crystals that are small in size. All you have to do for this method of cleansing is focus on your intentions and with quick exhalations, blow away the negative, unwanted energy. Be sure to hold your crystal in your dominant hand and continue this process for 30 seconds.

Sunlight and Moonlight

These methods are perfect for softer stones. For years, people have placed their stones in their windows so they can soak up the energy from the sun and moon. This method is often used when people notice their crystals becoming dull in appearance or effectiveness. Place the crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight for at least four hours. Sunbathing is best for warm-colored crystals and on cloudless days or nights. This method of cleansing should be repeated for at least three days and the ritual ought to be done once a month. For the best results, do your moonlight cleansing on nights when there is a full moon.


Cleansing your crystals with sound is one of the most popular methods. All crystals (and everything in life) hold a certain vibrational energy. When your crystal hasn’t been cleansed in a while, its vibrational energy is off, leading it not to hold as many cleansing powers. 

Many experts suggest using a tuning fork or singing bowl to help clear negative energy from the crystals. Sound cleansing is popular with crystals because certain vibrations help break up any negative energy that the crystals might hold. 

This cleansing method is most helpful when you’re cleansing a large collection of crystals at the same time.


Do you have crystals? When was the last time you cleansed them? Comment below!

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