6 Wedding Day Beauty Tips For Brides Who Wear Glasses

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There are few things more beautiful than a bride who is radiantly happy on her wedding day. But, if you are someone who wears eyeglasses, you may be wondering whether your look will be good enough to get the photographer to snap that perfect shot. It’s not uncommon for brides to wear eyeglasses on their wedding day, whether it’s for reasons of comfort or fashion. Some even love to wear eyeglasses because they’re a part of who they are. 

However, there are several potential issues that you need to be aware of if you’ll be wearing eyeglasses on your big day. From the way you style your hair to how you take care of your makeup, there are many factors to consider when planning your wedding day beauty look.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks that will help you achieve your dream wedding day look – with your glasses on!

Make Your Glasses a Feature

Your wedding day is one the most special days in your life, so it’s okay to splurge a little on yourself. Weeks or even months before the big day, consider getting a pair of new eyeglasses that will perfectly match your wedding dress. If you’d like to make your glasses a part of your wedding day beauty look, opt for a pair that is simple and classic but sleek and sophisticated. Investing in new eyeglasses is also a great idea because, obviously, you can use them even after your wedding day is over. 

You can also easily make a pair of eyeglasses the focal point of your look. Whether it’s through bold colored frames or fun decorative lenses, your glasses can become the “it” accessory on your wedding day. Meanwhile, if you are more of a classic bride, a pair of eyeglasses with a simple design and neutral color can be just as glamorous.  

Take Your Hairstyle and Accessories Into Account

Wearing glasses does not mean you can’t have gorgeous hair on your wedding day. If you want to find the perfect hair accessories and style that will match your pair of eyeglasses, the best way to do this is to schedule a mock styling session with your wedding hairstylist. This way, you can see exactly what kind of style you want and what will work best with the frame of your specs.

You also need to take into account the accessories that you’ll be wearing on your big day, starting from your custom engagement ring. It may not be a good idea to wear a statement necklace or bold earrings while you are wearing your glasses. The key to finding the right pieces is to consider the frame of your specs. If it’s a thick frame, go for a piece that is simple and feminine. If it’s thin and sleek, then a more ornate accessory can make a great addition to your wedding look.

Use Lashes and Liners to Make Your Eyes Pop

Since your eyes will be covered by the lenses of your eyeglasses, you need to put on eye makeup that is more defined. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You only need a few things: a mascara that helps your lashes appear thicker and longer, a liner that makes your eyes pop, and an eyeshadow that makes your eyes look bigger.

It’s best to avoid fake eyelashes if you are planning on wearing your eyeglasses on your wedding day. If you really want to use them, opt for short faux lashes that won’t brush against your lenses. You should also ask your makeup artist to glue them securely on your eyelids to make sure they don’t fall off during the course of the night.

Wear Colors That Complement Your Glasses

If you intend to wear a white wedding dress on your big day, opt for a neutral colored frame for your eyeglasses. This way, they won’t overpower the white dress and create a contrast that may end up looking awkward. Frames with a brushed metallic finish in gold or silver are great choices because they will add a touch of sophistication and glamor to your wedding outfit.

During the reception, you have the freedom to wear any colored frame that you want. The color you choose doesn’t have to match the color of your dress. However, you can try to go for a complementary color that will help blend with the dress. There are tons of color-matching outfit inspiration ideas that you can use as a template for your reception ceremony ensemble. 

Contour and Conceal

One of the most often overlooked yet easiest makeup tricks is contouring. By applying concealer and a brightening powder, you can enhance your features and make them appear more flawless and defined. When it comes to your eyes, you need to apply a light-reflecting formulated concealer to offset the shadow cast from your eyeglasses. 

Consider using light and neutral shades of concealer under your eyes to compensate for the shadows cast by your glasses. Then, add a translucent powder for the most natural look. You want to keep the appearance of your eye makeup light, so do not overdo it by using a thick formula.

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can highlight your face’s most defining features. Even if you are wearing a pair of eyeglasses on your big day, you should pay close attention to the shape of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows can make or break your look, so be sure to spend some time on them before your wedding.

Months before your big day, you can go for microblading, a semi-permanent treatment that will help add definition to your brows. This treatment is safe, non-invasive, and can give you a thick eyebrow with little to no downtime. Plus, it lasts for about six months, so you’ll have plenty of time to get ready.

Your wedding day will be a once in a lifetime experience, so take the time to really put some effort into getting your hair, makeup, dress, and eyeglasses looking flawless. Treat your pair of eyeglasses like an accessory that can highlight the best features of your face on your big day, and you’ll start to realize how amazing your eyes really are with a pair of specs. 

Lastly, no matter what type of frame or style you choose, it’s important that you are confident and comfortable in whatever you decide to wear on your big day. After all, the most important thing to remember is that you should feel beautiful when you walk down the aisle to meet the love of your life.


Were you wearing glasses on your big day? Tell us how you accessorized around them in the comments!

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