Spoiler Alert: High Vibration Frequencies Won’t Actually Transform Your Life

We all strive to be the best we can be – what if the secret to achieving that was to simply listen to a beautiful soundtrack all day? Sign me up.

What is High Vibration Frequency?

Everything in this world is made up of different energies, all vibrating at different frequencies all of the time – that’s the law of vibration. If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘frequency’ is just a special word for the “speed or rate at which something vibrates.” 

The average standing human body operates at about 7.5 Hz and 4-6 Hz when sitting. While this isn’t shockingly low, human beings do operate at a lower frequency than they ought to. 

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and developer of the Map of Consciousness believes that 99% of the world’s population is living life at a contracted frequency. On a graph that goes from 0 to 1,000, a ‘contracted frequency’ is less than 200.

In order to live your best life, you must learn how to raise your energy.

The Connection Between High Vibration Frequency and Anxiety

Certain emotions create specific vibrational frequencies. Fear, shame, anxiety, and other negative emotions resonate at lower frequencies, while joy and love resonate at higher frequencies.

Different hertz and frequencies promote different benefits like healing cuts, resolving some trauma, and creating joy. Shannon Kaiser, an esteemed spiritual writer, explains, “There are no bad feelings — it’s all energy that wants to move forward…. When we feel anxious or stressed, that is simply energy that wants to move through us and be released.” As we listen to high vibration frequencies, we allow the negative energy to move through and away from us. 

Raising Your Frequency


The first thing you should do to raise your vibrational frequency is to eliminate the people and things in your life that bring your energy down. 

Next, immerse yourself in nature. The natural world has so many positive, high vibration frequencies pulsing through it all the time. Go on a walk, drink your coffee on the porch, and play with your pets. Nature and animals all vibrate at high frequencies; when you spend time with them, your energy will go up, too. 

Also, be aware of your thoughts. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, notice if your teeth are grinding unconsciously, and listen to the inner dialogue that’s constantly going on in your head. Listen to those thoughts, acknowledge them, and let them go. Don’t let your inner monologue bring your vibrations down. 

Next, replace complaining with gratitude. Life can be difficult and uncomfortable. Acknowledge your struggles and find help, but then let them go. People with high vibrational energy understand that the best way to get rid of negative energy is to let it flow through them.

Finally, listen to high vibration frequencies. There are a number of ways to implement high vibration frequencies into your life. Mind Body Green suggests playing them during a self-care ritual, like a bath, a walk through nature, or while you’re journaling. However you do it, learn to infuse high vibration frequencies into your daily life.

Day 1: 888.8 Hz

I’m sold 100% on this music. It’s not intrusive, so I can listen to it when I do anything and everything. I rolled out of bed this morning, turned on the 888.8 Hz for energy, and got cracking on my day. I usually do 2-3 yoga classes each morning to get the stiffness out of my body, but I don’t necessarily enjoy them. Today, they went by so quickly and I felt no pain.  

I then started work, my quiet time, and went on a walk — all with the frequency playing in the background. I felt lighter than I have for some time now, and I absolutely felt a difference on day one.

Day 2: 528 Hz


I listened to 528 Hertz today (positive energy) and it was wonderful. I’m not going to lie, yesterday went downhill after my morning routine was over and I switched off my high vibration frequencies. I got stressed, run-down, and a bit grumpy. 

I realized too late that I should have put the music on while I was stressed and working, just to see if it would lift my spirits. So today, I did just that. 

I made a hefty to-do list and got cracking on it with my positive energy vibrations playing in the background. I accomplished so much in the span of 20 minutes. My spirit is still a little heavy, but I’m going to put the music in my Airpods and crank it throughout the rest of the day while I finish everything else on my list. 

Day 3: 741 Hz

Today, I needed to rest. I listened to 741 Hz, which is a cleansing frequency, and did my morning yoga and my morning to-do list. While I didn’t necessarily feel instant healing or transformation after I listened to these frequencies, I did feel much better. After my frequency session was over, I decided to take the day easy. I had just spent two hours cleansing myself from stress, so why would I add that stress back on? I cut my to-do list in half and solely focused on what was important and necessary for me to do that day. 

The best-laid plans did not go well for me and I had a panic attack two hours later. While these frequencies were by no means immediate healers, they weren’t too shabby at calming my heart rate.

Day 4: 432 Hz

I listened to 432 Hz, which promotes deep healing. When you look up the best high vibration frequencies, 432 Hz is at the top of the list.

One of the signs your frequency has been raised is that people and animals are more attracted to you. I don’t know what it was, but my cat loved me this morning. He cuddled up to me, he kept getting close to me, and he was more snuggly than I’ve ever seen him before. He was also rather calm, which is not like him whatsoever. 

I really wanted today to be the day that it all clicked, where I would turn on my frequencies and all my problems and stress would disappear. This was not the case and I was still pretty stressed out, even with these frequencies in the background.

Day 5: 528 + 639 Hz


This morning, I listened to 528 + 639 Hz to attract wealth, love, and abundance. This week has taken its toll on me, and I wanted to manifest a few amazing things. The good news was that my fiancé got a job in the time I was listening to this music. The bad news is that the music didn’t cure me, and I still felt off.

Day 6: Healing Tones

I listened to an album of multiple frequencies today. I’ve been listening to 2-3 hour long ‘songs’ that focus on one or two specific hertz and their healing powers, so I wanted to switch it up. I was constantly on the go this morning and I kept the album playing in the background. It was a great choice and it did make me feel more relaxed when it was silent and I could just focus on the frequencies. Again, nothing was really affected and I didn’t feel a shift or a change in my mood, but it was really nice music.

Day 7: 639 Hz

It’s the final day, so I went all out. I turned on 639 Hz to ‘attract positive energy’ in one final hope of making the day start positively. And it did. I was able to get a lot of stuff done. I’m not sure if these frequencies actually saved my day today, but I did feel better after listening to them, which is always a bonus.

My Results

I really wanted to switch on the Spotify High Vibrational playlist and have all my problems solved. I wanted to feel better instantly. But this week was one of the hardest I’ve had mentally in months. I was worn down, exhausted, and suffered from at least three panic attacks every day. 

I don’t blame the frequencies, I was actually comforted by them. But I think something to note is that there is never a miracle cure for mental illness. My vibrations are high, but so are my stress levels, commitments, and to-do list duties. 

I enjoyed the music for what it was, but it wasn’t the miracle cure I wanted it to be because sometimes life can’t simply be cured in the blink of an eye. 

I will more than likely continue to listen to the music because it calmed me in the mornings, and who knows, maybe next week won’t be so exhausting and I’ll experience a miracle.

Have you listened to high vibration music frequencies? Comment below!

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