Are Crystals Actually Beneficial? We Did Our Research, And The Answer Is Fascinating

Throughout my life, crystals have always been something in the back of my mind. I have had a lot of friends who would flock to our downtown crystal store (yes, they exist), my sister wears crystals around her ankle to ground her and calm her when she’s talking to my mom, and I have a jade roller which has yet to solve any of my facial or financial problems. 

Crystals can be found everywhere. The tiny gemstones are used in watches, radios, computers, ultrasounds, and instruments to name a few things. It’s also becoming a trend to get crystal engagement rings rather than the traditional diamond rings (if you’re my partner reading this, sorry — you’re still getting me a diamond). 

But even though crystals are trendy now, do they actually do anything? The short answer is: If you want them to do something, they will. A big factor of crystals is the placebo effect that comes with them. It’s not that they are or are not powerful, but they are heavily reliant on the power you give to them. So let’s get into crystals!


The Vibrations in Crystals

While crystals are super aesthetically pleasing, they’re like humans in that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The main power source of crystals comes from their vibrations. Humans have vibrations because we literally are instruments: Our veins are strings, our hearts the metronome, and our hands and feet are percussion. 

Our vibrations change frequently based on who and what we are around, our heart rate, and other factors. A crystal’s vibration doesn’t change. The rocks are formed and fixed in their specific geometric pattern and they aren’t affected by emotions. Many people use the frequencies of certain crystals to balance out their own vibrations. The crystals with high vibrations and frequencies will inspire change and action in the user’s life while low frequencies will inspire rest and calm.

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Color in Crystals

Some people say color doesn’t matter a bit with crystals while others disagree. Color is a way to classify crystals easily by their “job,” though the crystal’s power is not dependent on its color. The colors do create different frequencies in the crystals, however. For example, red has the highest frequency while violet has the lowest. You can trace these colors to see how they align with the chakra colors as well. If you want to help or clear a certain area in your body, simply align the color of the gem to the chakra you want to heal

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The frequency of light is also referred to as light therapy. I attend an online barre class and she projects a different colored light depending on what the intention of the practice is. However, light frequency is something different in and of itself and doesn’t necessarily only apply to crystals.

Science of Crystals

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There isn’t a ton of scientific information about crystals and their healing powers. Most of the work of crystals is said to involve people’s social and emotional lives and those are two elements that aren’t easily measured. 

In 2001, a professor of psychology created an experiment  to see if crystals actually worked. Christopher French gave the 80 participants either a quartz (a real crystal) or a counterfeit quartz made of glass. He first asked the participants to fill out a questionnaire that would gauge their belief in the healing powers of crystals and their fascination with paranoia. He then asked the participants to meditate while holding their gems. 

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Everyone in the study was asked to report how they felt during their meditation in respect to the crystals. Those who had a high level of belief in the power of crystals said they experienced powerful sensations while meditating while those who did not believe in crystals did not experience this nirvana. 

The consistent factor in these results was the participants’ idea of crystals. No matter if they were holding a real or fake crystal, those who believed in the power of crystals felt an elevated emotional response while those who doubted the crystals’ power felt nothing.

While some people may be disheartened at the idea that crystals do not actually do anything, it’s important to note that the crystals did do something…kind of. Even though not all of the crystals were real, people still reaped some benefits from them. The participants who believed in the crystals were able to manifest an experience that created spiritual bliss

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While the crystals might not actually work, the belief in them does. The placebo effect plays a huge part in making crystals work. This doesn’t necessarily mean that crystals have no power, but scientifically it shows that the power of our minds is more than the power of the crystals. 

Life would be much easier if I could fix everything by buying a stone but scientifically, we’re out of luck. Every scientific study done has shown crystals as having no real physical benefit. Or at least, no more benefit than the average placebo effect. 

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There is a medical practice called crystal healing, where crystals are placed on the body to cure ailments and prevent disease. This concept connects with the idea that certain crystals affect certain areas in the body (chakras), but again — this is not scientifically proven.

The Crystals 

Though crystals might not be as powerful as some would like to believe, I did want to outline the major crystals and what they are said to do. 


Clear Quartz

This is one of the most basic and used crystals. It is often referred to as the ‘master healer’. The stone amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Clear crystals are often used to stimulate the immune system and balance out the body.


Rose Quartz

This stone centers on the feeling of love. Its power is said to restore trust and harmony in different kinds of relationships while improving close connections. Disclaimer: My ex boyfriend kept a rose quartz by his bed at all times and there was neither trust nor harmony in that relationship. Rose quartz is also said to provide comfort and calm during times of grief. This crystal’s “love power” doesn’t just reach to others, but people also report feeling more love, encouragement, trust, and worth to themselves when they hold the stone.




Another “supreme nurturer,” this gem is said to empower the spirit and support you in times of stress. It absorbs negative thoughts and vibes while also promoting courage, quick thinking, and confidence.




This is a protective stone that forms a shield to protect you from physical and emotional negativity. Obsidian also claims to rid you of any emotional blocks you might have and promotes strength, clarity, and compassion for yourself. The stone is also said to aid in digestion and detoxification for pain and cramps.





This blue crystal is said to heal the mind, body, and soul. It is usually thought of as a good luck charm and supposedly helps balance your emotions while spiritually grounding you. The physical benefits that come from this stone are aimed at the respiratory, skeletal, and immune system.



Tiger’s Eye

This golden stone will cleanse your mind and body of the fear, anxiety, and self- doubt that may be inhibiting you. People usually use tiger’s eye crystals to further them in their career and romantic lives. Tiger’s eyes also provide harmony and balance in your mind and body to help you make clear, conscious decisions. Another disclaimer: My ex wore this stone around his neck and he was an asshole.



The purple stone is supposed to provide you with protective, healing, and purifying benefits. This is another stone that is supposed to rid your mind of negative thoughts and summon forth the humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom that you have. If you struggle with sleep, many crystal experts say that this stone will aid in insomnia relief and allow you to understand dreams. The physical benefits that come from this stone are said to be a boost in hormone production, a cleansing of the blood, and a relief from pain and stress.



This crystal keeps coming up whenever people talk about the healing powers of crystals. It is said to encourage and inspire new beginnings with an emphasis on growth and strength. People also use it to soothe uneasy feelings of stress and instability that they might feel when they are starting out somewhere new. The stone promotes positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration while bringing forth success and good fortune.



This is the first crystal I heard about having real power. It’s a Tik Tok trend right now to give your friends a moldavite stone and watch what happens (specifically if they’re in a bad relationship). The stone is said to have an intense frequency and high vibration. People refer to it as the ‘holy grail stone’ and the green crystal seems to be just that. The high frequencies are supposed to initiate change in your life once you utilize them.


While crystals might not scientifically be all that people might think they are, their power is still undeniable. People have undoubtedly gained power and courage from these stones and I don’t see a problem with that. Crystals are fascinating and amazingly complex and beautiful and if people are benefitting from them, let them. I personally would not spend too much money and time investing in these stones, but after looking through all of the natural benefits, I can see why they are so popular.


Do you love crystals? Have you had an interaction with these stones that was life altering? Leave a comment down below and tell us!

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