Steal Selena Gomez’s Style As Mabel In Her New Hulu Hit, “Only Murders In The Building”

Are you a true crime fan? So is Selena Gomez — at least as podcast buff Mabel Mora in the new Hulu series Only Murders in the Building.

Mabel teams up with her neighbors, Charles and Oliver (Steve Martin and Martin Short, respectively), to solve the homicide of a fellow resident in their apartment building. The trio track their detective work in a podcast that riffs off their favorite true crime program. 

And sure, we were curious about the perp. But what really hooked us? Mabel’s outfits. Costume designer Dana Covarrubias styled Selena Gomez in a wardrobe’s worth of timeless cold-weather looks. Hallmarks of Mabel’s style include warm colors and draw-you-in textures like teddy fur, leather, and suede. And though most ’fits wouldn’t be out of place at an Ivy, Covarrubias adds just enough cool-girl details (mostly in the form of chunky boots and bold accessories) to keep things from looking twee.

We launched an investigation of our own, digging for the cutest pieces to copy our top Mabel Mora outfits — so you can have more in common with her than those late-night Forensic Files binges.


Not Just Fluff

We consider this Mabel’s signature outfit. Like many of her ensembles, it combines tried-and-true classics (her mustard sweater and straight-leg plaid pants) with edgier trends (that amazing faux fur jacket!). The only factor that doesn’t make sense? How she hears her headphones through her beanie.

Girl in Red

The perfect outfit for studying an evidence board…or just taking the kids to the park. This comfy ensemble combines elements you may already have in your closet: a tomato-red mock neck sweater, a black belt, and light-wash jeans. If your knitwear is missing Mabel’s cute cropped length, mimic the look with a simple French tuck.

Well Suited

Not quite as preppy as Mabel’s usual looks, this workwear-inspired boilersuit stays feminine with design elements like the little tie at Selena’s waist. Copy her style with a coverall in a flattering fall color such as clay, merlot, or cinnamon. Contrast the outfit’s sturdiness by layering delicate gold necklaces at your collar.

Prep School Cool

Another easy-as-pie outfit formula: black turtleneck + brown or beige mini skirt + sheer tights = a Mabel-approved look for holiday dinners. Bonus points if your skirt features fun details — Selena’s has buckles, yours can boast corduroy fabric, a wrap style, or a plaid print.


Have you watched Only Murders in the Building yet? Do you love Selena Gomez’s style as Mabel? Sound off in the comments!

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