These Amazon Fashion Finds Will Make Your Closet A Glittery Wonderland Just In Time For The Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! We don’t know about you, but we can’t help but feel like we need a new outfit for each winter event.

You’re probably wondering: shouldn’t you buy pieces you can wear over and over again? But even when you do, you sit on the floor for an hour, staring at your black hole of a closet and STILL feeling like you have nothing to wear. Don’t worry — we’re here to help!

We put together a list of statement pieces that can spice up what you already have in your closet. That black dress you feel like you always wear? Throw on cute new heels and a sequin blazer to make it feel new. More of a pants gal? Try pairing your favorite blouse with some velvet trousers. There are plenty of winter pieces on Amazon — here are our top 10 choices from the site that will help you create your perfect holiday outfit!


The encrusted rhinestones make your standard heeled mules sparkle.

heeled mules

SHOP – $64.99

The rhinestone bows on these satin heels add oomph to classic black pumps.

satin bow pumps

SHOP – $45.89

Would you call these champagne heels the definition of glam? Because I definitely would.

champagne heels

SHOP – $44.19

Their square toe is elegant, while the neutral white goes with every outfit.

white heels

SHOP – $49.90

These metallic flared pants will add class to the simplest black tee — or, pair with a fitted bodysuit and some bling for a night out on the town.

metallic pants

SHOP – $26.99

If you’re obsessed with glitter, don’t hide it. These gold glitter pants flatter every curve.

glitter pants

SHOP – $32.98

Ombre sequins make this skirt extra flashy — perfect for extravagant holiday parties.

ombre sequin skirt

SHOP – $27.99

A tiered tail follows you as you move, making you regal in the velvet duster.

Velvet duster

SHOP – $31.99

The flowing cardigan glitters thanks to miniature sequins. Wear it from Christmas, to NYE, to any party — it’s versatile. 

SEQuin blazer

SHOP – $44.99

Super subtle sequins make this blazer appropriate for office presentations post-holidays.

sequin blazer

SHOP – $48.99

The navy blue of this cropped leather jacket brings out colors in your outfit that black could never.

cropped leather jacket

SHOP – $33.99


Which items will you be rocking for your winter outfits? Tell us in the comments!

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