These 22 Gifts Are Perfect For The Person Who Wants “Nothing”

Every year as Christmas rolls around, I ask my parents what they want. My mom’s response is usually a new kitchen appliance or a DVD season of an old British comedy. My dad, on the other hand, says the same thing every year: “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything.”

Yeah, I know, but I’m going to anyway, so that’s not helpful.

So every year it’s up to me to find something he’ll like, and I’m getting a little tired of it, to be honest. You probably are, too. Don’t know what to get that husband, dad, sister, aunt, or friend who wants “nothing?” Then keep reading — we’ve got you!


Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is the obvious choice, and we’ve already covered all our favorites, so go check them out! We can’t keep our paws off these 3:

therabox subscription


SHOP – $34.99+

box on the rocks subscription

Box on the Rocks

SHOP – $43.50+

scentbird subscription


SHOP – $15.95+

A Box Of Date Night Cards

If they can’t decide what they want for Christmas, there’s no way they’re great at picking out date nights. This box of date night ideas will give them dates for the whole year, so their SO doesn’t have to do all the planning anymore.

a year of dates

SHOP – $38.99

Airbnb Gift Card

Maybe they don’t have the brain space to figure out what they want because they haven’t taken a vacation in, like, 2 years. That’s not healthy. An Airbnb gift card will give them the hint that they need to take some time off — a great alternative to staging an intervention.

airbnb gift card

SHOP – $50-$250


Haven’t heard of ClassPass before? Basically, you buy credits and can use them at your local fitness studios! A perfect gift for your favorite fitness maven who already has a full workout setup at home.


SHOP – $50-$100+

National Parks Annual Pass

All outdoor enthusiasts will go bananas over this annual National Parks pass. It covers entrance, amenity, and day use fees for the driver and all passengers in a vehicle. Maybe they’ll finally take that trip to Yellowstone next summer…

annual park pass

SHOP – $80.00

Calligraphy & Brush Lettering Book

I don’t know entirely how artsy lettering got to be huge, but it did (probably because of TikTok). I guarantee someone in your life is dying to take up this art, and I also guarantee they don’t have this calligraphy & brush lettering set!

brush lettering calligraphy set

SHOP – $36.50

Tom Morello Electric Guitar Lessons

These guitar lessons are just some of the many Masterclasses you can gift to your person who has no clue what they want. Tom Morello’s electric guitar lessons come with 24 video lessons, and an online review even called it “One of the best online courses I’ve ever taken.”

tom morello master class

SHOP – $15.00/MONTH

Bubble Tea Kit

We all have that one bubble-tea-obsessed pal, don’t we? This bubble tea kit will keep them from spending $5 on a bubble tea every day — if they don’t go through it all at once, that is.

diy bubble tea kit

SHOP – $30.00

Hello Fresh Gift Card

Who in your life hates needing to come up with a different meal for dinner every night? (Hint: It’s probably everyone, and for sure all your mom friends). Get them a Hello Fresh gift card to take some of the stress out of meal planning!

hello fresh gift card

SHOP – $81.91

Mixology Class

Another Masterclass that sounds like a total blast. Award-winning bartenders Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana team up in this Mixology Masterclass to give a whopping 17 (!) lessons on everything that has to do with bartending.

mixology master class

SHOP – $15.00/MONTH

Candle Pouring Kit

I head to the store for new candles about once a week, and I go through them just as fast. Get your resident candle aficionado this candle pouring kit, which the makers have simplified to make the candle process way easy, so anyone can do it.

diy candlemaking kit

SHOP – $56.86

Minibreak For Two Gift Box

Gift a getaway to your friend and their SO (or to your SO and yourself!). This Minibreak Gift Box allows for a one-night stay (breakfast included) for two people at one of over 2,000 hotels in over 100 countries!

minibreak for two

SHOP – $129.00

Floral Arrangement Classes

Yes, floral arranging is an art — and, much like picking up a new instrument, it has to be learned and practiced. These floral arrangement classes will hone in on whatever particular of flower arranging they want to focus on, like bouquets or arbors.

team flower floral arrangement classes

SHOP – $74.00+

Pottery Kit

They’ve replayed that scene from Ghost one too many times (they think you haven’t noticed, but you have). Let them fulfill their — erm — fantasies with this DIY pottery kit. Maybe leave the room and let them enjoy some…alone time.

crockd diy pottery kit

SHOP – $64.00

Perfumery Lesson

Help your bestie hone their olfactory senses with a perfumery course! This one offers “over 20 recipes, a special collection of perfumery plant monographs, simple rituals for incorporating them into your lifestyle, and expert guidance” to help them create their own scentsual bouquet.

herbal academy perfumery class

SHOP – $45.00

Make Your Own Whiskey

Know a budding mixologist or just general whiskey lover? Then get them this DIY whiskey making kit! It comes with three types of oak and six herbs & spices, making for endless flavor possibilities.

diy whiskey kit

SHOP – $64.90

MilkBar Baking Class

Who better to take a baking class from than Pastry Chef Tosi, founder of MilkBar? Nobody, that’s who. These baking classes will not only teach you baking how-tos, but you’ll also get to try your hand at famous MilkBar recipes, like MilkBar Pie and Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies.

milk bar online baking class


Anything From Goldbelly

We love shopping local, but what if your friend’s favorite “local” restaurant is actually a place she visited all the way across the country on vacation? Well, there’s a chance you could find them on Goldbelly! You can send her anything from a Momofuku dinner to a selection of Nancy Fancy’s mini sorbettos, or even Chef Cat Cora’s Italian Cream Cake.


SHOP – $59-$149

Gordon Ramsay Cooking Class

Yes, yet another Masterclass. But this one sees Chef Gordon Ramsay himself at the helm of 20 pro cooking classes. The best part is your friend won’t have to be afraid of him yelling at them when they inevitably make something a little bit raw.

gordon ramsay master class


Knitting Kit

Every beginner grandma at heart will love this knitting kit. It comes with all the materials necessary to take up their new knitting hobby, PLUS access to online videos in case they’re more of a visual learner.

knitting kit

SHOP – $54.00

Bread Making Kit

Seasoned and beginner bread makers will adore this bread making kit, which comes with all the tools you need to make a stellar sourdough loaf, including a bench scraper, bread lame, proofing basket & cover, and a dough scraper.

williams sonoma diy sourdough bread kit

SHOP – $54.95

Interior Design One-On-One

Perfect for your friend who’s stressing over how to decorate that new house they just bought! This interior design package offers a virtual one-on-one with a pro interior designer who will help them “create a custom room design in budget for the recipient.”

decorist interior design

SHOP – $299


What’s your favorite gift on this list? Got anything in mind for that special someone on your list who already has everything? Tell us in the comments below!

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