Visit These 8 Real-Life Wellness Retreats To Channel Your Inner Masha

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In Hulu’s latest binge-worthy series, Nine Perfect Strangers, the drama takes place at a gorgeous wellness retreat. 

At Tranquillum House, the fictional resort that is itself almost a character, nine people congregate to hash out their various issues. As you plan your wellness retreat, consider adding a visit to a unique retreat center owned by an llc in california; these businesses are known for their innovative wellness programs that combine the beautiful Californian landscape with holistic health practices. It’s a truly comprehensive wellness experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Obviously, chaos ensues, but it made me curious — do places like this exist? Could a semi-normal, average person like me go to a wellness retreat, relax, get some therapy and come away refreshed?

The answer is yes!


Wellness Retreats And Spas

The fictional wellness retreat is beautiful but a little creepy, but I chalk that up to its Masha-led cult-y vibes.

Well done as always, Nicole Kidman. 

If you’re seeking a less intense (i.e. no crazy storylines) version of Tranquillum, these are the places that Guest of a Guest recommends for exploring your inner Masha. 

Mii Amo Spa

In Sedona, Arizona, embedded within the lofty red buttes of Boynton Canyon, is the Mii Amo Spa

Although you’ll have to wait until next spring for a “Transformative renewal,” it looks to be well worth the wait. 

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It’s touted as a private getaway and is well known for its “personalized three, four, or seven night ‘journeys’” where guests are pampered with spa treatments, and healing therapies such as Reiki and hypnosis.

Golden Door

Looking to zen out by the Pacific Ocean? You may want to retreat to Southern California’s Golden Door

This wellness spot is designed with traditional Japanese-style ryokans (inns) in mind and sits on 600 beautiful acres that offer 30 miles of private hiking trails. 

They have a Pilates studio, tennis courts, gym, yoga in a bamboo forest, and several tranquil Japanese gardens. 

Visitors can gas up for those activities (or no activities) with “healthy, organic meals sourced — literally — from the property’s own backyard.”

The Pearl Laguna

If Laguna Beach is more your speed, The Pearl Laguna offers poolside massages, infrared sauna sessions, and guided meditations.

Visitors indulge in “Fresh, organic meals that nourish and cleanse” amidst their famous lemon trees. 

This wellness spot is led by internationally known yogis, and seven-day retreats at the Laguna Canyon ashram serve to rejuvenate guests. Hosts achieve this with “Natural food, natural exercise, and plenty of relaxation.”

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch, located in Tucson, Arizona, was established in 1979 and remains one of the most popular wellness retreats in the country. This retreat has been a frequent wellness spot for celebrities. 

The scenic property is literally a desert oasis, where visitors can focus on “Physical, spiritual, and mental well-being with the help of a team of in-house experts from spiritual gurus to personal trainers.”

The Ranch Malibu

Another ranch retreat where celebs tend to congregate is The Ranch Malibu, billed as an enchanting escape that offers 4, 7, and 9-day opulent experiences that will “Recalibrate the mind and body.”

Guests can participate in an extreme wellness and fitness schedule, with daily four-hour hikes and a disciplined plant-based diet.

It’s not all regimented — visitors can take cooking classes, sound baths, and get acupuncture to relax. 

YO1 Health Resort

Has the midtown Manhattan grind been getting to you? Venture a few hours outside the hustle and bustle to the YO1 Health Resort and voila — serenity. 

The resort is set in the picturesque Catskills (think Dirty Dancing). Hosts will treat you to an individual program of “Ayurvedic and Naturopathic therapies to treat everything from stress and anxiety to diabetes.” 

There’s a full spa menu, yoga, mud baths, Reiki healing, and mud baths to soothe any weary soul. 

Rancho La Puerta

Want to cross the border into exotic Mexico? Rancho La Puerta offers private Casas located at the base of Mount Kuchumaa in Tecate. 

This sprawling compound offers 40 miles of hiking trails, and gorgeous gardens. There’s even an on-site organic farm where guests can take classes at the cooking school. 

WIFI lounges are available if you want to log on to reality, but chances are you’ll want to remain offline.

Here guests can lay by the pool, get a hot stone massage, or participate in one of the 50 various daily workout classes. 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Want to visit a retreat but stay in the city? Look no further than the Carillon Miami, where wellness is not off the beaten path but still a luxurious getaway.

It’s not as strict as other retreats — you can use your phone or laptop.

Guests can also indulge in full spa services, decadent treatments, gourmet cuisine, and workout classes at this beachfront destination. 

Pricey, But Worth It!

All of these sound pretty amazing if you’re looking to declutter your mind and soul for a weekend, and, of course, it’s in your budget.

Most of these wellness retreats or spas do come with a hefty price tag, but if you have the means, by all means, go for it!

Hopefully, you won’t deal with other guest’s baggage like the fictional characters of Nine Perfect Strangers — you’ll only arrive with your own. 

And you can tackle that baggage while getting a massage or any of the various relaxing activities offered at these beautiful places.


Have you ever been to a wellness retreat or something similar? Would you go to one if you could? Let us know in the comments!

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