23 Gifts That Bakers Who Already Have Everything Else Will Love

Let’s be honest — a baker can only own so many mixing spoons, bench scrapers, and pastry cutters, and your baker best friend probably already has at least 3 of each. In fact, you just upped their supply last Christmas when you got them their 5th rolling pin. They loved it, but still…they now have 5. Five.

Ok, so full disclosure, there is a rolling pin at the bottom of this list. But you know what? It’s a rolling pin that even Mary Berry probably doesn’t even have. And when you give your baker BFF that rolling pin for Christmas, it’ll become the only rolling pin they use. They’ll throw the other 5 away. And you won’t need to get them a rolling pin ever again. Nor should you. 

And if you’re determined to break the rolling pin tradition once and for all this year, not to worry. The other 22 gifts on this list aren’t rolling pins, and we bet your best bread and pastry aficionado doesn’t have them, either.


Caraway Bakeware

You already know we’re obsessed with Caraway cookware, and the launch of their bakeware line is everything this holiday season! This 11-piece set is nontoxic and even includes bakeware organizers — no need to worry about crowding cabinet space.

SHOP – $395

Star Baker Great British Baking Show Apron

I know you have a friend who’s working their way through all of Mary Berry’s technical challenge recipes from The Great British Baking Show. This apron will help them avoid that dreaded soggy bottom (well, not really, but they’ll at least feel like a star baker!).

star baker apron

SHOP – $22.86

Vanilla From Around The World

I bake regularly, and even I still gawk at the price of vanilla when I head to the store for a refill. So 3 premium vanillas (from Tahiti, Madagascar, and Mexico) that clock in at just over $50 isn’t just a steal, it’s an automatic win for any baker.


SHOP – $52.95

Cactus Flour Sack Tea Towel

You don’t have to live in the desert to fall in love with this tea towel. Gift to your friend who always seems to run out of towels after they’ve whipped up a massive dessert party.

tea towel

SHOP – $12

Personalized Mixing Bowls

If someone got these for me, I think I would pass away. These personalized mixing bowls let everyone know who’s really in charge in the kitchen (but they do it nicely). Gift to your friend who’s a classy control freak when she bakes.

personalized bowls

SHOP – $84.90

Cookie Dealer Tote

Perfect for the mom who bakes up a storm for all her kids’ teachers. And for her friends. And neighbors. And soccer coaches. But maybe advise her to carry this tote with caution — after all, I’m not sure I could control myself around a bona fide cookie dealer!

cookie dealer tote

SHOP – $15+

Beauty Bakerie The Artisan Brush Set

Have a baker friend who’s also a beauty aficionado? Combine her two passions into one with this makeup brush set. The handles feature all of her favorite baking utensils — hopefully she doesn’t try to flip a cookie with the eyeshadow brush!

makeup brushes

SHOP – $21

Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker

Okay, while I do absolutely adore baking bread by hand (there’s something intimate and almost erotic about kneading, tbh) sometimes I just don’t have time for that. And neither does your mom friend who refuses to buy store-bought bread but also has to make at least 3 sandwiches for lunch every day. Help her out a little bit with this automatic bread maker that’s compact enough to live on any counter.

bread maker

SHOP – $89.95

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

Of course we had to circle back to The Great British Baking Show. Mary Berry’s Baking Bible is full of a whopping 250 recipes. If you want to get a whole theme going for your BFF’s Christmas presents, gift this to her inside the pocket of the aforementioned Star Baker apron.

mary berry baking bible

SHOP – $32.99

Personalized Cookie Jar

“Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” Nobody will if they’re in this jar — the name engraved on the top makes it abundantly clear that these cookies are for one person and one person only. Gift to your friend who has trouble getting everyone to keep their paws off her baked goodies.

cookie jar

SHOP – $23.46

Cats Oven Mitt

This oven mitt is perfect for your resident cat lover (me) who also loves to bake (me). Need I say more? (Yeah, someone please just get this for me.)

pet gifts for owners

SHOP – $17.50

Gold And White Pastry Tower

I stared at this pastry stand for a solid minute before writing this description because it’s so damn pretty. Lillian probably had it at her Paris-themed engagement party in Bridesmaids. Gift this one to your hostess friend who’s always complaining that her setup is so messy (it’s actually perfect, but hey, this’ll just make it even more perfect-er).

pastry stand

SHOP – $41.74

Bakery Scale Ornament

What about your baker friend who already has seriously everything? They don’t have this ornament, I promise. It’s so stinkin’ cute, I’d expect it to be on full display even after the holidays are over.

baker ornament

SHOP – $20

William Sonoma Pie Bakers Dream Set

As a pie baker, I can confirm — this is indeed a dream set. It comes with a pie dish, rolling pin, pastry cutter, pastry blender, pastry mat (with measurements!) and pie weights. Get this for your pie baker friend and I guarantee they’ll probably bake you something in return.

pie baking set

SHOP – $169.95

Tiny Baking Set 

If you haven’t seen the videos of that guy making tiny foods for his hamster by now, go watch them. Then come back and gift this tiny baking set to your friend whose kids also have hamsters — or, you know, just the friends who always ask for a “tiny sliver” of pie.

tiny baking set

SHOP – $32.79

Personalized Baking Set

Really hammer the “I’m in charge here” point home when you match the aforementioned personalized bowls with this personalized baking set. It includes a rolling pin, spoon, spatula, cutting board, oiling brush, and a whisk, all of which can be customized with text of your choice.

personalized baking set

SHOP – $97.43+

Crow Flour Sack Tea Towel

For your friend who’s just as obsessed with witchy vibes as she is with baking! She’ll whip up something magical (and maybe a bit dark) with this crow-printed tea towel.

crow tea towel

SHOP – $12

The Flour Craft Bakery & Cafe Cookbook

You know that person who’s always struggling to make her favorite recipes gluten free? She’ll breathe a welcome sigh of relief when she unwraps this gluten free cookbook! It includes over 75 gluten-free recipes “for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Celebrations.”

flour craft cookbook

SHOP – $35

Bee Oven Mitt

I don’t know about you, but I have several friends who are just super into bees. They have bee everything — bee earrings, bee t-shirts, even bee socks. But do they have a bee oven mitt? Nope. Well, not yet, anyway…

bee oven mitt

SHOP – $17.50

Personalized Handwritten Recipe Pie Dish

They won’t even need to remember where they stashed that recipe with this pie dish. Bonus points — the recipe will be printed in your handwriting (which is done through a photo you send to the shop owner) so they’ll always remember who gave it to them.

personalized pie dish

SHOP – $111.06+

Let’s Bake Some Shit Apron

For your independent, foul-mouthed mama who’s also a baking whiz! Or even better, give this apron to your baker friend’s aspiring baker daughter if you want to garner a few chuckles. (My parents would never have let me wear an apron that said “shit” on it…)

bake some shit apron

SHOP – $31

Dog Flour Sack Tea Towel

This tea towel will only be decorative in their kitchen — promise. I mean, how on earth could you bear to wipe anything on these pooches?

dog tea towel

SHOP – $12

Dandelion Engraved Rolling Pin

Ah, last but not least…the rolling pin. An engraved rolling pin. She doesn’t have this one yet, but it’s about to become the pièce de résistance of her baking arsenal.

engraved rolling pin

SHOP – $17.60+


What gifts are you getting your baker friends this year? Did any of our picks make the list? Leave a comment down below!

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