Packing Your Kids’ Lunch Boxes Just Got Way Easier With These Amazon Finds

As the kiddos go back to school, it can be bittersweet. After all, you’ve been homeschooling most of them for ages, and while it may be driving you a liiiitle crazy…well, you’re going to miss them. We’ve noticed a big rise in bento lunches on TikTok, which inspired this list of back-to-school lunch box ideas and products that are cute and practical — and all on Amazon. As for whether those penguin ice packs are for you or the kids? That’s for you to decide.


This silicone bowl with a snap-tight lid holds one liter — perfect for pasta and salads.

lunch bowl

SHOP – $20

Include all the necessary food groups with this stackable bento box, featuring multiple compartments for your child’s food.


SHOP – $14.99

Three stackable, leak-proof bento boxes to fit the smaller stuff.

bento lunch box ideas

SHOP – $14.99

Yes, these silicone cups are typically for baking. But throw them into your child’s lunch box, and keep the pickiest eater’s food from touching.

silicone baking cups

SHOP – $14.99

In 2021, we’re done with single-use plastic. Stasher’s reusable bags are washable, so you can use them, and again, and again, and…you get it.

amazon gadgets

SHOP – $9.60

Send your kids to school and show them your love — and cut off crusts — with these sandwich cutters.


SHOP – $19.96

Skip the typical toothpicks and up the cuteness with adorable fork picks we promise, they’ll get your kids to eat all their fruit!


SHOP – $9.99

These slim penguin ice packs might actually make your kids want to pack their own lunch boxes.

amazon gadgets

SHOP – $7.99

These are a little ridiculous, but hear us out: your young’uns will love fruits and veggies if they look like Mickey.

lunch box ideas

SHOP – $13.99

Hard-boiled eggs don’t have to be a dreaded source of protein when these rabbits smile back.

lunch box ideas

SHOP – $12.99

Show your love to your kids every day with these greeting cards.

greeting cards

SHOP – $9.99


Which lunch box ideas are you obsessed with? Anything we missed? Let us know below!

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