These Are The 6 Tweezers Everyone Should Have On Their Vanity

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Tweezers confuse the shit outta me. 

For the amount of years I’ve been plucking around my body, I’ve thought, “One tweezer can grasp at every hair, right?”


Turns out, different tweezers have different responsibilities. Enter: an array of tweezers for your every need. Swiss-based brand Regine’s tweezers are at the top of our list, and they’ve kindly given us the DL on the best tweezers for every pluck.


Slant Tip Tweezers

Regine explains that slant tip tweezers are made at a 25-degree angle, making them the best tweezers for gripping eyebrow and facial hairs with precision. They’re universally loved by the pros because of their versatility – you want an out-of-place hair gone, tweeze it away. If you’re only going to get one set of tweezers, slant tips are the way to go.

Splinter Tweezers 

Splinter tweezers are the best for ingrown hairs, glass, splinters…basically, anything that requires pulling an object out from beneath the skin. The elongated, sharper point creates excellent precision for removing tiny objects at the base, so you remove the entire infiltrator. Regine’s splinter tweezers never need sharpening, so you can trust them the first and the hundredth time.

Waxing Tweezers

When you get a wax, the esthetician usually takes tweezers to any missed hairs post-session. I always assumed it was just your standard slant tip, maybe a splinter. Turns out, there’s an actual tweezer specifically for these. Regine’s tweezers have a sharper point, so they can grab any baby hairs which slant tips won’t, while still solely treating above the skin – no digging here.

Papillon Slant Tweet

Regine calls these tweezers a “true tweezing innovation!” They don’t look like your usual tweezers, and it’s for an awesome reason: they’re meant to be accessible and ergonomic. Simply grab the wide handle and rest your fingers around it as you work your way around your body. Its tip is a slant design, so it’s the most versatile and comfortable to work with.

Square Tip Tweezer 

Sometimes tweezers grip hair, but they just don’t pull from the root…or they can’t even grasp the root. Square-tip tweezers have a wider body so you can grip it when getting all up in your face’s biz. Regine’s tweezers’ interior etching within the tip helps to grip and pull from the root, making them the best for pluck-and-go days. They’re yet another ergonomic choice., and one of the best for pesky eyebrows.

Eyelash Applicator Tweezer

You – yeah, you, trying to put on eyelash extensions with slant tip tweezers: cut it out! Professional eyelash applicator tweezers have fine-pointed, elongated tips, making them best for grabbing each precise section of your falsies. Regine’s eyelash extension tweezers go through a 40-step process to make sure each pair has perfect alignment to get the job done, so you’ll only get the best pairs.


Did you know you needed multiple tweezer types? Have you tried Regine’s tweezers? Share with us in the comments!

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