Sick Of Nicks? These 14 Razors Will Give You The Softest Shave Of Your Life


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Look, I’m going to be honest – shaving has not been a priority during a winter in COVID. But as the weather warms up in the Bay Area, I’m slowly easing out of my hairy hibernation.

One thing I’ve learned in my years of shaving: you need different razors for different body parts. I learned the hard way that razors for your legs shouldn’t be used for your bikini line, and you should definitely be using a specific razor for your face. These are the best razors for every need you have.


Best Electric Razor

RenFox 2 in 1 Shaver

I was scared of electric razors until I found this one. With a removable razor head and body-trimming head, as well as stainless steel blades, you can say goodbye to nicks whether your hair is wet or dry. It’s USB-rechargeable, lasting up for an hour on a full charge.

SHOP – $26.99


Best For Legs

joy razor

Joy Razor

If you’re gonna pay the pink tax, you might as well pay for a cute, pink razor. This one has five blades, giving your legs a close shave; a non-slip handle, so it won’t fall out of your hands when going bottom-to-top; and a lubrastrip to protect from razor bumps.

SHOP – $8.97

Best For Travel

Alleyoop All-In-One Portable Razor

Going through TSA with a razor can be a nightmare — disposable razors are the only kinds allowed, which is horrible for the environment. This razor is TSA-approved, and it has lubricating pre-shave strip with chamomile, olive oil, allantoin, and propolis for a smooth shave.

SHOP – $16

best razor

Best Overall Razor

best razor

Gillette Venus Smooth Women’s Razor

This razor is affordable and effective, perfect for shaves everywhere. The handle is made of soft-gel for ultimate gripping, while comfort cushions are seated above and below the three blades to minimize irritation.

SHOP – $7.72

Best For Bikini Lines

The Twig Razor

This razor is perfect for the more ~private~ shaves. It hugs your curves while remaining gentle on your skin, which is always nice for an area prone to irritation and itching. The blades are also recyclable — just pack them up in a tin and send them back. Five star reviews say they have a “great smooth shave ever time,” with 4.8 stars from 410 reviews. Solid.

SHOP – $59

BEST razor

Most Eco-Friendly Razor

best razor

WELL KEPT Safety Razor

The detox razor’s Safety Razor will give you a nice shave while also working to save the environment. With over two million razors ending up in the trash every year, this brass razor is made to last for the long-term, so you’re not contributing to landfills every month.

SHOP – $82

Best For Armpits

HYDRO SILK 5 Trimstyle Razor

Nope, I’m not kidding when I tell you that this razor has 4.6 stars — out of 32,000 reviews on Amazon. It has a moisturizing serum infused with shea butter to keep the five blades from pulling hair out, which leads to ingrown hairs.

SHOP – $8.97

best razor

Best Dermaplane Razor

BEST razor

Dermaplaning Tool

My eyebrows are SO thick and bushy and honestly, I don’t want to pluck them all the time. Enter my new best friend: this dermaplane razor. It’s so easy to keep my eyebrows shaped and fabulous every day, and best of all, I hardly need to pluck anymore! It’s also great on that pesky darker peach fuzz we might get on our upper lip or elsewhere on our faces.

SHOP – $9.97

Best For Sensitive Skin

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor

If you have sensitive skin, Schick has you in mind. This razor lathers and moisturizes on its own, and vitamin E and aloe nourishes skin while protecting from razor burn. The four blades and pivoting heads will help you shave in every nook and cranny – minus the cuts.

SHOP – $9.19

best razor

Most Philanthropic Brand



Flamingo is blowing up in popularity thanks to its $9 (yep, nine-dollar) razor, which has a weighted handle and five blades. But it’s the philanthropic efforts that make this razor stand out: one percent of its sales go toward non-profit organizations that support women, including PERIOD and Exhale to Inhale (dedicated to period poverty and domestic violence victims, respectively).

SHOP – $9

Best Subscription Service


I love love love Billie, and I look forward to getting my replacements every month. The  razor is coated in charcoal to create a barrier between your skin and the razor, minimizing the typical annoyances razors cause. Plus, they’re partnering with Every Mother Counts, YWCA and Black Girls Code, so you’ll be getting the best shave and supporting important causes.

SHOP – $9

billie razor

There are razors for every need you may have. What are your favorite razors to use? Let us know below!

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