Find Out Which Marvel Character You Are By Choosing Your Fast Food Preferences


marvel quiz


marvel quiz


marvel quiz







We Will Tell You Which Marvel Character You Are Based On Your Fast Food Order
You are Spider-Man


You’re energetic and always willing to lend a helping hand. Your friends love your childish spirit because it keeps them young too. You don’t take anything too seriously, and that’s wonderful!
You are Captain America

marvel quiz

You’re a true classic. Your friends would consider you to be dependable and reliable and that’s just fine with you. People look up to you and you don’t want to let them down.
You are Thor


You’re strong and pretty amazing, if you do say so yourself. You know what you want and that you deserve to get it. You’re always down for an adventure, just so long as there’s something in it for you.
You are the Hulk

marvel quiz

You’re the biggest presence in your friend group. While it’s hard for people to completely pin down who and what you are, you’re the glue that keeps the group together. Not to mention, you’re super helpful in a pinch.
You are Iron Man

marvel quiz

You’re the brains of the group. Without you, your friends would be lost and you all know it. While no one has said it, you know you’re the leader of the pack.
You are Black Widow

black widow

It’s your way or the highway. Your choices might not always make sense to other people, but you’ve thought things out and are always two steps ahead of everyone else.

Which Marvel character are you? Let us know in the comments!

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