These Natural, Homemade Bug Repellants Will Leave Your House Pest Free

Summer is one of the main times where bugs are all around. I think I have about 20 mosquito bites at the moment. With the heat and humidity, it can feel like these pesky little creatures are everywhere. I’ve dealt with so many different bugs in just the past few weeks, so let’s go over how to get rid of each type.


You do not want ants to get inside your home, especially if you have a pet with a food bowl because they will take advantage of this and bother you and your beloved pet. Essential oils like peppermint do wonders on ants. You can use a peppermint essential oil you might already have, or you can get a natural bug spray that uses peppermint oil. This is a good method, especially if your pet is involved because these oils can be pet safe (always check the label). It has also been found that putting Vaseline around your pet bowl will repel bugs. If these natural remedies don’t work, it is time to bring out the big boys, like these ant traps (which I’ve had to use many times – they work like a charm, but aren’t pet safe, so keep them out of reach of your curious fur babies!).


As mentioned, I have been bitten by so many mosquitoes this summer already. It felt like every night when I went to sleep, they were snacking on me. This Natural Care Home Spray is my go-to because it is safe to spray on your bedding, unlike many other natural bug spray options. This spray also doubles as a flea and tick spray that can be sprayed on your pet’s bedding if you think your furry friend is getting bitten. It also uses peppermint oil to get rid of the pests. If it seems like sprays aren’t working, maybe a light will do the trick. This night light will zap mosquitoes for you, so you can get a good night’s sleep.


While they don’t bite like mosquitoes do, flies can be one of the most annoying bugs, buzzing around all day and getting in your way. We recently had a mini infestation of flies in our house, which was so weird, but we worked it out and now we’re fly-free. First, I diffused peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils in my living room, which really helped, but there were still a few that wouldn’t go away (or couldn’t find a way out). When it comes to flies, I like to start with a natural repellent and try to let them outside as much as I can, but sometimes the only option is a good ol’ fly swatter.


While I’m usually not too worried about bugs and don’t often mind them, I hate cockroaches. They’re so gross! But, unfortunately, I live on a street lined with palm trees which is super cute but attracts cockroaches who find shelter in them. If you are occasionally getting cockroaches inside your house, you’ll want to first make sure you are closing up all access points. An under-the-door draft stopper is necessary if your front or back door has a gap that could be letting bugs in. I would get one of these for both doors. There are also some DIY ways to repel them, like mixing fabric softener with water and spraying it around your house to repel them.


If you have a pet, fleas are ready in action during the summer. If a pesky tick latches onto your furry friend, there are a few ways to deal with this. But let’s start with prevention. One DIY way to repel fleas from your animal is by making a DIY collar. One of the main methods is by soaking a collar in unflavored vodka and then letting it dry. Once it dries, you can also add lavender and cedar oil (diluted, and check with your vet to make sure it won’t harm your pet!). If your pet has already attracted fleas, this natural bug spray I mentioned in the mosquito section works wonders and is safe to spray on your pet’s bedding.


How do you deal with summer bugs? Let us know if you have any DIY methods that work for you in the comments below!

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