TikTok Showed Me How To Clean Things I Didn’t Even Know Were Dirty

I’m sure you’ve tried out some TikTok recipes, maybe even got some book or movie recs, or got some fashion ideas from the popular app. This time around, I’m going to be talking about the awesome spring cleaning hacks and products that I have been recommended by TikTok.


Cutting the sponge for window sills

spring cleaning hacks

The windowsill is one of the hardest places to clean. It also is usually pretty out of sight out of mind, especially if you have curtains. This tip takes an ordinary sponge and cuts strips so it can get into the nooks and crannies to get all the grime out. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner but this trick has turned into one of my favorite household spring cleaning hacks.

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“Stripped” me and my hubby’s workout clothes! Towels are up next! #diycleaning #laundry #cleanfreak #tide #borax #armandhammer #lululemon

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Laundry stripping

Laundry stripping got really popular on TikTok, almost similar to fruit soaking. Simply, you take your laundry that has deep dirt in it (such as gym clothes) and soak it in your tub with Borax, Tide Powder, and Arm & Hammer Powder. After several hours, people come back to murky brown water, even if the clothes they were soaking were already “clean.” If you have some clothing items that you can’t seem to get clean or have a smell no matter how many times they go through the rinse cycle, this hack may be worth a shot.


I am shook & horrified all at the same time 🤔 #cleantok #bisselllittlegreen #littlegreenmachine

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Bissell Little Green Portable Vacuum

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This portable vacuum from Bissell honestly tops our list of spring cleaning hacks. It makes it feel like you are professionally deep cleaning your furniture! If it has been a while since your furniture has gotten a cleaning, the water coming out into this vacuum might be a little murkier than you’d expect. Feel like a pro cleaner with this one and get your house (or car!) looking like new.

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Hairbrush cleaning

This TikTok really threw me for a loop. Washing your hairbrushes? Uh oh. I know every time I use my hairbrush, it has so much hair in it and I definitely clean that out, but I did not realize I was supposed to be taking it a step further. This TikToker soaked her brushes in water, baking soda, and shampoo. By the end, the water was murky and brown. Thank you TikTok for telling me I need to do these types of things, I’m still not used to this #adulting thing.

The Pink Stuff Cleaner

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I’ve seen The Pink Stuff all over TikTok used on just about anything. I’ve seen it used on pans (like this video), to get hard water stains off faucets, to clean the inside of ovens, to get crayon marks off the walls, and so much more. If you have any hard-to-clean spots you’ve tried everything on, The Pink Stuff might be worth a shot. Sometimes cleaning can only go so far, so maybe with this product, you can get those untouchable stains out.

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What other spring cleaning hacks have you learned from TikTok? Share them below!

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