Veronica Mars Taught Me To Take No Sh*t, And Four Other Life Lessons

I had watched Veronica Mars here and there when I was growing up. I liked her wit, her cool demeanor, her style…it was just *chef’s kiss.* It was the reason I bought the studded leather bag and considered carrying a taser for shits and gigs.

However, it was when I was hospitalized in high school that I really got into the show. I binged all three seasons in a five-day stay. And then I binged it again when I got home. And then again, and again…you see where this is going. I even have a “Team Logan” shirt, which I received from donating to the movie’s Kickstarter campaign.

I loved Veronica because she was everything I wanted to be. Years later, and I still watch the series and movie every now and then – it has great life lessons embedded in the dark humor. Here are my five main takeaways from the show.


Know who you are and what you stand for.

Veronica took no shit from anybody. Sure, the insults and loneliness occasionally got her down – she was only human, after all – but she always knew her worth and what her morals were. It would have been easy to leave Wallace up on the flagpole, but at her core, she knew it would be wrong to leave the new kid (literally) hanging. And that resulted in a total ride-or-die relationship. 

Always keep your sense of humor handy. 

I learned what it meant to have a dark sense of humor through watching the show – it gave me an outlet for the issues I was facing. Veronica’s snarky and smart comments in the face of her struggles taught me that it’s okay to laugh at the bad and the ugly. Dark humor has gotten me through battles of all types without dissolving into a pile of tears and bitterness.

Be okay with being alone…

Veronica was in the popular group until her father (who was the sheriff at the time) went after an 09er’s dad in a murder case. She was swiftly kicked out and labeled a loner. It was at this time when she began helping her dad with his PI firm. As someone who didn’t have many friends, seeing a young woman thrive on her own was inspiring.

… but also keep the people who love you around.

While it was difficult at first, Veronica and Wallace soon bonded. She also befriended Mac, a computer genius who kept to herself. It was these two who helped Veronica survive years of bullying. To this day, I only have a few people I keep close to me, and they’ve had my back for as long as I can remember. Veronica taught me that it’s quality over quantity that matters.

Learn to forgive.

In the Veronica Mars movie, Veronica forgives Logan for what he did (IYKYK, I’m not spoiling here). As someone who is fantastic at holding grudges – similar to Veronica in early seasons – seeing this growth taught me that people change for the better, and sometimes it’s worth it to give them a second chance.


I am a firm believer that TV characters can teach you lessons firsthand. Which TV shows taught you life lessons? Let us know below!

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