I Cooked With CBD-Infused Ingredients, And Wow, The Result Was Delicious

While looking for graduation gifts for my brother, I decided to find unique cooking items. He has all the utensils, and I wasn’t about to gift him something expensive that he’d never use. So, I started looking for food products. That’s when I stumbled upon Potli.


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Potli makes Extra Vibrant Olive Oil, two types of honey (their Raw and Dream), shrimp chips, and apple cider vinegar filled with CBD. For example: one tablespoon of the olive oil has 15 mg of hemp-derived CBD, while their Dream Honey (which promotes sleep) combines CBD, CBN (another cannabinoid) and a little melatonin in each teaspoon.

A few details on Potli and their use of CBD: they were founded in 2017, releasing their honey in 2019 to rave reviews. Since then, they’ve expanded rapidly, adding other food products like their shrimp chips and olive oil (EVOO).

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Worried about that high? Don’t be: there’s no THC involved, just CBD. A brief explanation: we all have an endocannabinoid system, which manages body functions like sleeping and eating. CBD attaches to these receptors, then rectifies issues within your body, like sleep deprivation, inflammation, and pain. It calms your entire body without the munchies that come from your usual edibles.

My brother was thrilled by the gift. He cooked with them the same night he got them, and the CBD helped him relax after the meal. So I tried making my famous (famous to my family, at least) ricotta-bell-toast, and let me tell you: it. was. delicious. Here’s the recipe I tried — it’ll convince you to buy some, too!

Ricotta-Bell-Toast Ingredients


– 2 tbsp. Potli EVOO 

– One tbsp. Potli Raw (NOT Dream) Honey

– 3 tbsp. Ricotta

– 1/4 cup Roasted red bell pepper

– 1/4 cup White onion

– Two slices of bread (any type)

– Optional: a handful of almonds for crunch


First step: toasting the bread. I used my toaster for this because I didn’t want it to soak all of the olive oil up. Then, I drizzled the EVOO into the pan, followed by onion. I didn’t know what the consistency would be like, but it flowed right out.


After the onion had softened, I put in my red bell peppers. Here’s the secret: you add a little honey to up the sweetness without overpowering the dish. I hoped this honey, which I’d never used before, didn’t act different than my usual. It was a little more solid than I’m used to, but it melted easily.


Finally, I added ricotta to the bread, then piled the onion, red bell peppers, and some chopped almonds on top (I watch enough Chopped because I know you need ~texture~).

Final Thoughts


I loved cooking with these ingredients! The honey wasn’t too overpowering, which was my main concern, and the olive oil gave no different taste to the veggies. Overall, I highly recommend this dish and will make it again. Now, excuse me as I go relax in a haze.


Have you tried cooking with CBD? Did it work? Let us know in the comments!

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