How Do Tarot Cards Work? We Interviewed Tarot Lori To Get The Full Scoop

You’ve definitely heard of tarot cards before. Maybe you follow a tarot reader on Instagram, you’ve come across readings on YouTube, or you’ve seen a glamorized vision of tarot in a movie.

We were curious about the practice and wanted to learn more, so we partnered with Lori Simeunovic of Tarot Lori to find out everything we should know about tarot and dispel some of the tarot myths out there.


Q: First, give us a brief background of how you got into tarot.

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A: I’ve always been interested in metaphysical matters, but growing up in Calgary in the 80s-90s didn’t offer much in the way of resources. Then I met a witch (yep, a full-on broom-toting, spell-casting, bonafide witch) who did psychic readings using tarot and it was like love at first sight. Her approach to tarot was so appealing and reassuring, and she ended up mentoring me (I still use a spread – or pattern to lay out the cards – that’s based on something she developed). I’ve been reading tarot for over 30 years now (using my original deck!) and the accuracy of the cards still fascinates me in every single reading I do — and I do a LOT of readings!

Q: What are some common misconceptions people have about tarot?

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A: There are so many! Mainly that the cards will predict (or cause) death and despair. Fun fact: the death card isn’t about physical death of any kind. It’s one of my favourite cards to pull for myself because it’s about transformational change that is positive and necessary. How you deal with change is what determines if it’s positive or negative for you.  Also, thinking that the cards will predict things happening that you have no control over (rather than you having free will to create your own path using the guidance provided by the cards). If anyone tells you that you’re going to meet the love of your life at the grocery store next Tuesday, take your money and run! My tagline is “Woo Woo Without the Cuckoo” and my goal is to show people that tarot isn’t fortune telling, nor is it terrifying. Tarot cards draw you a map and I help you read it.

Q: What is tarot used for/how should it be used?

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A: In my workshops, I always emphasize that tarot cards are pieces of paper with interesting pictures printed on them. They aren’t magical. They can help us tap into source energy, your intuition, or whatever you want to call it. Each card tells a story and together they give you a sense of what the energy looks like around a situation, person, etc. What you choose to do with that information or story is up to you because you have free will. And, most importantly, your intention is everything. If you set out to tap into negative energy with the cards, the cards are going to deliver because they’re a tool. You can pick up a hammer to either build a shelf or smash a windshield — it’s still just a hammer that you made a choice to use in a certain way.

Q: How has tarot positively impacted your life/the lives of your clients?

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A: My intention has always been to inspire, empower and enlighten people through tarot — and that’s what my readings do. If tougher cards come up, there’s always additional information to help my clients navigate whatever they’re going through. I always tell people that it’s like having a conversation with your soul and I’m simply the interpreter. Whatever people are going through, or even if they just think tarot is cool and want to see what a reading is like, they’ll get the insight, validation and encouragement they need — even if it’s a 5-minute quickie at a corporate event.

Q: What tips do you have for tarot newbies?

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A: Just pick up the deck and start pulling cards! One-card readings can be incredibly juicy (I do them every weekday morning on my Instagram stories) and drawing a card every day can help you learn the story behind the card without getting overwhelmed trying to memorize 78 different meanings. Give readings to anyone who wants one and don’t be shy to use the little book or cheat sheets that come with your deck, but keep in mind that your interpretation of the cards is just as (if not more) important than the conventional definitions. I also offer a 10-part video workshop online that covers every card in the deck along with tips on how to give a reading to yourself or others!

Q: Anything else you want our readers to know about tarot?

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A: Don’t believe everything you see in the movies about tarot, but also research tarot readers before booking a reading. Read online reviews, check out their social media or website, and do a quick Google search to get an idea of what they’re all about.

Learning Tarot Resources:

If you want to learn more about tarot, these books are great starting points!

Tarot Cards

We recommend starting with the original tarot deck — the Rider-Waite. The images in this deck are what most of the cards’ meanings are based on. That being said, other artists have created incredible adaptations of the original deck. You can shop the original deck and our favorite adaptations below.


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how do tarot cards work

About Lori Simeunovic

Lori is a professional tarot card reader with over 30 years of experience helping clients around the world discover their purpose and reach their potential, while facing challenges with clarity and courage. Her motto is “Woo Woo Without the Cuckoo” and her mission is to enlighten, inspire & empower with tarot. Lori is passionate about using her skills and experience to help you uncover the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed (and already had). Everyone walks away from her readings feeling energized, inspired and empowered to take action—from baby steps to big leaps. Let Lori show you how tarot can help you find the fun in your life and become the designer of your dreams.

IG: @tarot.lori Website: Tarot Lori

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