Celuí Fragrance’s Pheromone Perfume Smells Sensational And Lasts Forever (Coupon Inside!)

Celuí Fragrance is blowing up the fragrance world with their pheromone perfume (which you can get for 20% off with the code SAFOM20). The signature scent is infused with notes of jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, tobacco, and cedarwood. It’s pleasantly floral but the earthy notes help ground it, and because it’s infused with pheromones, it will smell slightly different on each person. 

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To say we’re obsessed with the fragrance is an understatement. We reached out to Celuí‘s owners to chat about the fragrance and what pheromone perfume actually is, and we reviewed the fragrance (hint: our reviews are glowing). Keep reading to get the inside scoop!

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Interview with the Owners

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Nicole Townend and Veronica Hu co-founded Celuí Fragrance out of a mutual love for fragrance. They spent two years testing and re-testing different formulas until they finally landed on Celuí‘s now-signature fragrance. We got together with Nicole to talk about fragrance and pheromone perfumes — here’s an inside look at our conversation.

Monet: What prompted you to start Celuí? Did you have previous experience in the fragrance industry?

Nicole: Celuí started as a passion project with my longtime friend from high school. We both shared a love for fragrance and wanted to create the perfect scent that not only we could enjoy, but that we could share with others. After we started wearing it the response was so amazing that we realized we needed to bring it to market.

Monet: What makes Celuí different from other fragrances?

Nicole: We are a female-founded, Southern California-based brand that offers a luxurious experience through our intoxicating blend of botanicals and essences and a proprietary pheromone-infused perfume. Our pheromones are a proprietary blend derived from wild plants and made locally in a lab. We wanted our fragrance to have pheromones because we wanted to add depth and richness to the scent. We have found that incorporating high quality pheromones to our aromas will not only have a noticeable effect on your mood, but also on the people around you!

Monet: Tell us about your process developing the fragrance.

Nicole: We only wanted to use the best of the best when it comes to our formula and ingredients. We chose to partner with a Los Angeles-based fragrance formulator to source the highest quality ingredients to match our high quality standard. It took us over two years in research and development to find the perfect scent, which is now our Signature Fragrance.

Monet: How do you balance life as a mom and as an entrepreneur? What has been your biggest challenge?

Nicole: I’ve worked in the corporate world and I actually find it much easier to balance mom life when you own your own business. It makes it more manageable for me to participate in my child’s academics and after school activities where before it would have been difficult. It’s all about balance and it’s a daily struggle to find time for everything, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Monet: You support several different charitable organizations — what prompts you to give back? How do you choose which organizations to support?

Nicole: We try to diversify when it comes to charities. There are so many valuable causes so we like to spread that out! We hope to be even more active in this area down the line. Making a difference in the world is something I’d definitely like to focus more on!

Monet: Where can our readers find you online and shop your products?

Nicole: You can shop the fragrances at celuifragrance.com and get 20% off with the code SAFOM20! You can also connect with us on Instagram @celuifragrance.

Our Reviews

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Kelly and Sam each received a sample to review — read their respective reviews below!


I have a large collection of perfume and typically gravitate towards light, feminine, white flower scents like Gardenia, Jasmine, and Tuberose. When I first opened the Celuí fragrance to try it out, I was unsure how I felt about the scent. It smelled lovely, but I wasn’t entirely convinced it was for me. I spritzed a bit onto my wrist and went about my day. But a surprising thing happened — I found myself lifting my wrist up to my nose over and over again all day. And every time I did, I fell more and more in love with the fragrance.

The day I first tested it out was a busy one for me, a full day of work and errands including taking the dirty doggos to the groomer and heading out to the farmer’s market. No matter how many things I touched and how busy I was, or even how often I washed my hands, the scent lingered on my skin in the most subtle yet consistent way. That night I roasted a whole Branzino I had picked up at the farmer’s market, stuffing it with lemons and herbs. Still, the scent lingered. After rubbing lemon on my hands to get rid of the fish scent, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fragrance was still as obvious as when I first applied it.

I fell into bed exhausted that night and woke up to find the scent softly but distinctly still lingering on my wrist. To call this beautiful perfume long lasting would be quite the understatement. The scent is unique and unusual, floral but not overly feminine due to the addition of subtle tobacco and marine scents. It smells fresh and clean, sexy but without spice, and beautifully androgynous.

I can’t wait to continue wearing it and I’m excited to try layering it with some of my other favorite scents. Considering how long-lasting it is, I think it’s a great value and one of the most unique scents I’ve smelled in a long time.


I’m a simple girl when it comes to my fragrance collection. I have three scents in my collection that are my ride or dies — after a lot of trial and error growing up I found a core group that I feel I can interchange and wear seamlessly. Needless to say, I’m very hesitant when it comes to new scents that I could possibly add to my tight-knit collection.

I opened Celuí’s fragrance and with one spray to my wrist I fell in love. That one spritz gave me a generous amount of fragrance and left a subtle but pleasant smell. It smells fresh, fruity and light, and the more you smell it the more you love it. After I sprayed it I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist; I would catch myself running errands and lifting my arm up to just smell how good this perfume is. 

I sprayed this in the morning just after I showered and went on with my day as normal. I ran some errands, went on a bike ride, walked to grab some lunch, cooked dinner and went to bed. Once I woke up I could still smell this perfume subtly lingering on my wrists. This fragrance is worth every penny, not only because of how great it smells but also because of how long it lasts. The fresh smell is something you can wear every day and I can easily say it will gain a spot in my tight-knit fragrance collection. 


Don’t forget to use the code SAFOM20 at checkout to get 20% off your Celuí purchase! Have you tried this pheromone perfume yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

About Nicole & Veronica

Our story begins as high school students and has extended over almost two decades. We have experienced some of life’s most cherished moments together from graduation, career wins and losses, marriage, childbirth and now entrepreneurship.

Nicole launched a successful children’s brand, Teddy Needs A Bath and starred on ABC’s Shark Tank accepting a deal with coveted shark, Marc Cuban. Veronica spent several years as a sought-after beauty authority and aesthetician in Los Angeles.

We would meet frequently for marathon lunches that almost always turned into discussions surrounding our wish to launch a business together. Both of us share a passion for travel, the outdoors, fashion, beauty and above all fragrance.

After two years of research and development and over nine formulations carefully curated by a master perfumer in Los Angeles we finally landed our signature aroma! We found our ride or die, “the one” or in French “Celuí“!

IG: @celuifragrance

Website: celuifragrance.com

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