The Affordable Perfume Dupes That Will Have You Smelling Oh So Fancy

affordable perfumes

When searching for a signature scent, the classics are your go-tos. Chanel, Dior – these icons own the perfume industry. But sometimes, it’s just not realistic to shell out $150+ on a scent. That’s why I, a woman with champagne tastes and a beer budget, decided to research the most affordable perfume dupes for these expensive fragrances – and I’m here to share them with you.


Jasmine and gardenia are the dominating scents in this Sand & Sable perfume, surrounded by other overwhelming floral notes that last for hours. It may not be $130, but everyone will think it is.

Showcasing many of the same notes as Knowing – including rose, oakmoss, and orange flower – no one will ~know~ you’ve copped this dupe. (I had to.)

I know: the iconic Chanel Nº5 is hard to duplicate. But Yves Saint Laurent grasps onto the tantalizing smell, with the classic floral notes at the forefront. It might not be the exact same, but the similarities are striking.

Combine all floral scents together like a chemist, and you’ll create Diorissimo’s affordable twin. Lily of the valley, magnolia, and white iris (just to name a few) help to create the best bouquet within this dupe.

A white flower with notes of orange, tuberose is extremely popular — hence its addition to Fracas. Add lily of the valley and white iris, and you’ve got a sophisticated smell. Florence – Tocca takes on the tuberose, too, along with pear and gardenia, for that classic scent.

This is def a splurge, and it’s hard to truly capture the lily of the valley in Un Lys…but the lily in Gold comes close. It offers hints of amber, jasmine, and patchouli, and the lily comes through time and time again, dominating the nose in the best way.


Do you use any affordable perfumes as your signature scent? Share your secrets in the comments!

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