This Melting Balm Is The Best Thing To Happen To Makeup Wearers

Makeup wearers, rejoice! There’s a new makeup removal product on the market and it’s better than anything I’ve ever tried before. There are so many options for makeup removal these days (thank God we’ve graduated from the days of abrasive makeup wipes) but Farmacy’s Green Clean Melting Balm tops the list. No cotton pads, wash cloths, or any extra tools needed. 


About Farmacy

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Farmacy is one of the latest green and clean skincare brands to hit Sephora stores, gaining popularity through their innovative cleansing balm. They are transparent about their sustainability pledge which includes zero-waste packing and farm-cultivated ingredients. It seems that many of their products following the Green Clean Balm have been able to live up to the initial hype, boasting tons of positive reviews.

Learn more about the brand HERE and shop their full range of products HERE.

My Review Of The Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm

farmacy green clean balmfarmacy green clean balm

Their website states that this cleansing balm is their “best-selling, award-winning makeup remover and face cleanser in one that instantly melts virtually all makeup, removes impurities and gently cleanses! Leaves skin hydrated and silky smooth.” After having used this product for a few months now, I can say this product description is 100% true. After quitting makeup wipes, I was using micellar water to remove my makeup but I’ve found this cleansing balm to be way more effective, economical, and eco-friendly. It also comes with a little spoon!

The key ingredients include (taken directly from Farmacy’s website):

  • Sunflower + Ginger Root Oils: Melt even stubborn makeup (including long-wear) without stripping or drying skin.

  • Turmeric + Moringa Extract: Help remove impurities, sunscreen residue and effects of pollution.

  • Papaya Enzymes: Naturally lifts impurities from pores.

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A little scoop goes a long way, and you can literally feel the product melting away your makeup. The texture is hard to describe but it feels very oily (not in an icky way) when rubbed into the face. The more you rub it and disperse it, the more it removes your makeup. I would describe it to be buildable, which is why a small scoop will suffice. It becomes a milky lather when met with water and it’s a breeze to wash off and leaves no oily residue at all! My face feels crystal clear and clean. What really makes this product stand out is how gentle it feels on the skin while being powerful. It removes lash glue, dark liner, heavy contouring, etc. with just one scoop which I haven’t experienced with any other makeup removal methods before (I normally have to go in many times to get a clean slate).

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This product is also great for double cleansing. I go in with a very gentle cleanser after using this balm and my face doesn’t feel overly stripped at all. This balm is definitely suitable for all skin types. Remember to always moisturize after cleansing!

Try out the Farmacy Green Clean yourself, available at Sephora and on their website.


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