Introducing Our New Online Shop!

We have some VERY exciting news for you! Our new online shop is officially open for business! We are so thrilled to share this with you as it has been in the works for a long time now and keeping the secret has been way too hard.

I’ve always thought it was difficult to find just the right gift for my girlfriends, my sister, my grown daughters. I love presenting people with the perfect gift for a special occasion, something that lets them know I really see them and appreciate them. Something personal. As practical as gift cards are, they just were never personal and special enough for me. 

So we have curated a wide variety of giftable items for all different occasions and all different interests. Each gift will come lovingly packaged (using sustainable materials whenever possible) and ready to present to your dearest friends and family. Everything we stock is made in the USA, in small batches, from women- and minority-owned businesses. You won’t find any of these items in big box stores or on Amazon.

One of our biggest brand values is giving a platform to people who may not otherwise have one. We are carrying that over with our store: giving women-owned businesses a platform and supporting small-batch, handmade artisans. When you buy from our store, you are supporting a woman’s small entrepreneurial dream and that’s really special to us.

Take a look at our shop now by clicking the SHOP button on our homepage. We have a special offer for our readers- 15% off your first purchase with discount code WELCOME15.

Have suggestions for us, a brand you think we should support, or a category we missed? Email us at We always welcome feedback.


What will you be snagging from our shop? Let us know in the comments!

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