What Can’t You Live Without? Tell Us And We’ll Let You Know The Color Of Your Aura

1. What item in your makeup bag can you not live without?

2. Who could you not live without?

3. What’s one drink you could never get rid of?

4. What’s one thing in your routine that you couldn’t get rid of?

5. What’s one thing you cannot sleep without?

6. What is one snack you can’t go without?

7. What breakfast food can you not go without?

8. What electronic device can you not live without?

9. What’s one workout you can’t get rid of?

10. What’s an outdoor hobby you can’t get rid of?

11. What’s a sport you couldn’t live without?

What Can't You Live Without? Tell Us And We'll Let You Know The Color Of Your Aura
Your aura is red!

aura quiz

You are strong and fearless. Your energy and passion lead to you manifesting some of your biggest dreams. Although you have a strong spiritual side, you also have a strong grasp on reality. You know what you love and how to get it. While some might describe you as restless, you know that you’re capable of so much and are not afraid to get it.
Your aura is pink!

aura quiz

You have a gentle nature that brings people closer to you. While some may see your sensitivity as a weakness, you know that your empathy is where your strength lies. You tend to romanticize most aspects of your life and see the good in almost everything. Your skills lie in the creative and healing fields. People love you because you remind them to remain kind and gentle even in the hardest moments in life.
Your aura is violet!

aura quiz

At your heart you’re a dreamer. You are a complex and beautiful individual who knows the extreme and unique power you hold within yourself. You are driven by a need to be important and leave your mark on the world. You have a wonderful blend of knowledge and intuition within you that often leads to empathy in many situations. You never stop moving and that natural vibration connects you to the world and to others around you.
Your aura is orange!

aura quiz

You are a subtle and harmonious bond of creativity and sensuality. You have a high regard for friendships and relationships. You find joy in every aspect of your life -- whether work, play, relationships, money, or love. You understand the importance and value of teamwork and see harmony as the main goal in this world. You are a thrill seeker and don’t want to sit still as the world passes you by.
Your aura is yellow!

aura quiz

You are confident and self assured. You are often the leader of the group, but your energy encourages others to find confidence in themselves as well. Your energy often extends past yourself and encourages others to chase their dreams too. You know that people can only succeed when they are truly themselves and take advantage of their personal strengths in life.
Your aura is green!

aura quiz

You spark growth and healing in yours and others’ lives. You are drawn to nature and the power it holds and you have a deep connection with it. You radiate peace and rest while remaining balanced in who you are and your place in this world. Your color is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, meaning that you dream and plan big.
Your aura is blue!

aura quiz

You know and speak your truth more than anyone else in your life. You know that feelings hold more weight in people’s lives than facts and statistics. It is because of your understanding of feelings and truthful nature that you can connect with people so well. You value honesty and communication in every aspect of life because that is the only way people can truly be themselves.

What color is your aura? Share it below!

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