Roller Skates Are In Again, And We’re Loving 2021’S Super Fashionable Styles

Why walk when you can skate this summer? Roller skates are making a comeback in trending fashion this year and we’re not mad about it. And we’re not talking about sleek, in-line skates. It’s all about the chunky vintage look this time around. So grab your scrunchies and leg warmers and let’s slide back into the past with our favorite roller skates of the season!


Classic Skates

These brands were built around making the perfect roller skate. Aside from being ultra fashionable, they’ll last you a long time. They’re a bit on the pricier side, but we promise they’re worth it — and so do the reviews!

Pink Tartan Quad Roller Skates

These cute and chic skates look like they’re ready for anything from a night on the town to a picnic in the park. The checked pattern paired with the grain of the wooden boot give the skate a fun and girly look, but also lend to easily styling with an elevated look. We love these cute, fresh summer skates!

SHOP NOW – $119.99

Sky Blue & Yellow Quad Skates

Stunning! I love this solid blue color because it’s so simple, yet so classic. The blue and yellow combo gives these skates a sweet vintage look. They’re a perfectly colored piece to add to any outfit this summer! Everyone who tried the skates said that they fit perfectly, they’re comfortable, and they’re true to size!

SHOP NOW – $99.99

Cynthia Rowley Floral Quad Skate

Did anybody say floral? We did! The flowers on these roller skates look hand-painted on everything from the skates themselves, to the laces, and even the wheels! The skates are perfect for a sweet spring moment that will last you all summer long!

SHOP NOW – $119.99

White Quad Skates

These skates are just perfect. Their muted classic look will keep you from worrying about matching your outfit with them. I’m a huge sucker for the easy look — but even though the skates are white, they’re anything but boring. The pops of teal and pink in the laces and the wheels make these skates stand out beautifully.

SHOP NOW – $94.99

Pastel Fade Quad Skates

Pop of color? More like the whole rainbow with these dreamy skates! The soft pastel rainbow pairs perfectly with the sweet lavender colored wheels. The gradient detail extends to the laces for an overall charming vibe. You can’t help but have smooth sailing with these skates.

SHOP NOW – $109.99

Womens roller skates

Midnight Quad Skates

I feel like you need to roll up to a roller derby with these roller skates on. At first glance, these are the classic black skates with red wheels, but just wait until they hit the sun (hint: getting major Twilight vibes!). Everyone who reviewed these said that the picture didn’t do them justice and they were so much more beautiful in person!

SHOP NOW – $99.99

Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skate

Be still our hearts. These skates are made out of a soft suede that will elevate your skate game forever. The green, peach, and blue hues make these skates stand out wherever they go. You’ll be rolling in style 24/7 with these on!

SHOP NOW – $109

womens roller skates

Premium Quad Skates

These traditional skates are so perfect for beginners. They clean up easily and come in four different colors: Peachy Keen, Lemonpop, Black, and Aquamarine. You’ll be sporting your favorite colors from heel to toe and all in between. These skates are perfectly classic and equally stunning!

SHOP NOW – $139

Affordable Options

You don’t have to spend the big bucks in order to have quality skates. These will do the job, and they look super cute.

Skate Gear Classic Quad Faux Leather Roller Skates 

Want a more affordable option for your first skates? We’ve got you! These black leather skates are all you need to roll away your troubles! The classic high-top boot comes with ankle support and is encased in durable material to keep any first-time skater safe and secure.

SHOP NOW – $54.95

womens roller skates

womens roller skates

CHICAGO Women’s Classic Roller Skates – Premium White Quad Rink Skates 

We love these pop of color classic skates! The pair are #1 in Roller Derby Skates and perfect for smooth gliding and quick turns! The skates are durable and dependable. A great skate for all times!

SHOP NOW – $49+

YYW Quad Roller Skates

These high-quality skates are great for any roller night you might have coming up. They do run a bit big according to reviews, so size down, but they’re amazingly durable enough for any roller activity you find yourself in!

SHOP NOW – $54.99

womens roller skates

Jessie PU Leather Roller Skates for Women 

A classic skate with a twist! The mint color of these skates give you all the color you need to light up the rink and skate the night away. They’re made with high-quality PU leather that allows them to be equally durable and breathable. The classic double-row of wheels allows the skates to be safer than others you might find, and makes learning to skate much easier!

SHOP NOW – $55.99+


What skates are you itching to jump into right now? Are you more of a classic or stand out skater? Comment below!

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