I Used A Gua Sha On My Jawline For A Month, And Here’s My Honest Review

I’m sure you’ve seen the gua sha beauty routine that has been going around the internet lately. I was really interested in learning more about it and its benefits, so I started watching tutorials and reading about its history. If you choose to use gua sha, you should learn the history behind it so you are not appropriating Chinese culture! Let’s learn about it and take a look at the results I saw in one month!


What Is Gua Sha?

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Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method that uses a smooth-edged tool (usually made of rose quartz, jade, or another stone) on the skin to release bloating, swelling, and even alleviate illnesses. While it is usually standard to have gua sha done on you by a professional, it’s also amenable to at-home use. Its use dates back to the Paleolithic Age when it was used against illnesses. When people fell sick, stones were used on them in hopes of alleviating diseases. Today, many use gua sha to work against bloating, irritation, and to dispel extra fluid from the face.

How To Use Gua Sha

It’s important to keep these tips in mind while using gua sha, so you can get the most out of the practice while protecting your skin!

1. Make sure you always use an oil or moisturizer, because the tool needs to have something to slide against.
2. Don’t push down too hard! You can press the tool against your skin firmly, but do not press too hard or you may give yourself bruises.
3. Don’t switch directions. Once you begin going one way, don’t switch it up and go the opposite direction.
4. Be respectful in your use, and do plenty of research before you get started. Buy your gua sha tool from a Chinese company, not off Amazon.

The Tool I Used

I got my gua sha from Pink Moon, a sustainable, holistic, Chinese-owned beauty company. They even donate 1% of their revenue to a charity of your choice at checkout! We recommend checking them out if you’re interested in using gua sha — here are some of our favorite products!

My Results

gua sha before and after

While gua sha can be done on your entire body, I focused on my face, in an attempt to make my jawline and facial skin tighter. I also used this routine as an inspiration. The results may not seem like a lot, but my face really feels softer, cleaner, and overall glowing. Gua sha is not all about losing facial weight — it’s about making your skin feel good and healthy. My skin always feels tighter after I finish my gua sha routine, so I like to do it in the morning! As you can see in the photos, my skin texture is softer and more clear after the month of using the gua sha tool. Something I also noticed was that gua sha can help your sinuses! When I had a cold at the beginning of my month trial, using the gua sha made my stuffy nose and raspy throat feel better. After using my gua sha, I felt like I could breathe a lot better.

If you are looking for more extreme results when it comes to a change in the jawline, gua sha may not be right for you and you may want to consider something like coolsculpting. But when I’m doing my gua sha routine, my skin feels brighter, tighter, and healthier, which is all I can ask for. I will continue to use my gua sha and will definitely update you if my results get even better!


Have you used gua sha before? What are your options on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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