Coolsculpting Gave Me The Chin I Wanted. Here’s Why I Loved This Easy Procedure

I’ve had a pesky double chin my whole life. It’s always been a big insecurity and while I definitely don’t believe in conforming to societal beauty standards, I also say that if you want to change aspects of your appearance purely for you, go for it! 

I started looking at different options to reduce my double chin that didn’t include giving up carbs, because life is too short to give up things that make you happy (namely, pizza and bread). All the research I was doing kept turning up solutions way out of my price range. $4,500 for a little liposuction? No, thank you. But then I found a local plastic surgery provider offering a promo for this thing called coolsculpting, and I decided to go for it.


My Coolsculpting Review

Coolsculpting is a simple, non-invasive, affordable, and relatively painless outpatient procedure. Basically, the fat cells are frozen at a temperature of -11 degrees Celsius for about an hour. Results take a few months to fully show, as the frozen fat cells are slowly processed and eliminated from your body.

The treatment tool is a little oblong suction cup. I was nervous about feeling claustrophobic — after all, this little machine was basically a huge suction cup on my neck. But it honestly wasn’t that bad, which surprised me. My doctor made sure I could swallow well and she sat with me for the first 5 minutes of the procedure to make sure I was doing okay, then left me with a button to call her if I needed.

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The most uncomfortable parts of the procedure were the very beginning and the very end. A cream is put on the skin so it doesn’t get frostbitten, but you can still feel the cooling process happening for about the first 10 minutes and if you’re ultra sensitive to cold it will probably be a little uncomfortable. At the very end, the doctor speeds up the process of getting your skin back up to temperature by massaging it, and that was pretty uncomfortable — but again, not at all unbearable.

After that, you go home and live life as normal! My chin was definitely a bit sensitive for a day or two, and it felt numb/tingly for about a week, which I’ve heard is fairly common. Here are my results after 3 months (pictured right):

coolsculpting coolsculpting

They say to expect about a 25% fat reduction, so I’m happy with my results! I also want to note that I only did one application on the center of my chin area — many other people choose to do two applications, one on each side. I probably would have done that too, but hey, I’m a girl on a budget!

Overall, if you have little “problem areas” of stubborn fat that you can’t seem to get rid of, go ahead and try coolsculpting! As always, make sure to have a thorough chat with your doctor first. And I want to reiterate — any cosmetic changes you decide to make should be made just for you, not for others. You do you, friend!


Have you tried coolsculpting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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