Wondering What Type Of Coffee You Are? Tell Us About Your Cozy Day In And Find Out!



coffee quiz


coffee quiz


coffee quiz


coffee quiz


coffee quiz



coffee quiz


coffee quiz


coffee quiz



coffee quiz



Tell Us About Your Dream Day In, And We'll Tell You Which Cozy Coffee You Are
You’re Whipped Coffee!

You’re always on the newest trend. People look to you to tell them what’s currently in style and what they should wear. You’re the fashionista of the group and you hold that title with pride. You love being a little different than everyone else and you let your true self shine!
You’re French Press Coffee!

French press

You're a classic through and through. People always know they can rely on you and you’ll be there for anyone when they need you. You’re the staple in the friend group and you’re usually at every event and party. You’re organized and a go-getter.
You’re Pour Over Coffee!

You are elegant and graceful. People look to you to inspire them and you do just that! You’re an icon wherever you go and you leave an impact on everyone you see and meet. Your friends love you because you bring out the best in all of them.
You’re a Latte!


You’re the cute one of the group who usually adds just enough spice to make the nights fun. No one can say they’ve had a boring or lowkey night with you. You love to mix it up and never do anything twice. You are always the center of every party.
You’re an Espresso!


You are the hardest worker in every situation. You know how to do things right and you’re usually the person for every job. You want to see everything you do succeed, so it does. Your friends come to you when they need someone to tell them the hard truth or to love them fiercely.
You’re Irish Coffee!

irish drink

You see yourself as the treat that everyone wants but not everyone deserves. You have a fiery and intense nature about you that leaves people in awe of your spirit. You are the one who everyone is surprised about at the end of the night. Whether that’s because of your fun dance moves or your quick wit -- you always have a party trick up your sleeve.

Which kind of coffee are you? Share your results in the comments!

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