Decorative Bowls Will Make A Stunning Statement In Every Space

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I’m the type of person who adores decor. My latest obsession: decorative bowls. I have a lot of things, and I’ve been needing bowls to hold them — I’m done losing my glasses and keys because I put them in random spots. While my need is practical, it would be unlike me to not choose something that stands out. Below are my favorite bowls that will be the stars of the room!


Wooden Bowls

A nice wooden bowl instantly adds warmth to a room, giving a homey feel to the space. Wooden bowls are perfect for rustic, farmhouse vibes. At the same time, they also fit nicely into houses with a modern look by breaking up stone, marble, and bright whites.

Metal Bowls

If you want a more industrial feel throughout the house, metal bowls add a sleek element to the space. They’re perfect on matte countertops (think a grey, slate countertop, or even one made from cement) and glass tables.

Porcelain & Ceramic Bowls

Porcelain and ceramic bowls fit every space because there are so many options. For example, the Solana centerpiece below adds a twist in shape and texture, while the porcelain beated bowl has a classic, vintage look. Ceramic isn’t shatter-proof, but it is durable when it comes to scratching — perfect for regular use.

Glass Bowls

Glass bowls say “I’m fancy, and I’m not worried about accidentally dropping them.” Aka, great for higher spaces when you have kids and pets, and great when you have company and want to add a glam look to your house without spending on something you won’t use otherwise.

Twists On The Classic Decorative Bowl

Sometimes, you just need to go bold. Whether it’s a unique material (like the Abalone bowl below) or a striking stone (like the Natural Onyx piece), you won’t find subtlety here. These bowls are perfect for those who want to shake things up decor-wise, or simply want to make a statement.


What kind of decorative bowls do you have around your home? Share with us in the comments!

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