These 12 Decor Pieces Will Modernize Your Home, And They’re All Less Than $100

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Wouldn’t you love to update your home to be a modern paradise? Same. But if a renovation to create an open concept isn’t in the cards, there are plenty of ways you can create a sanctuary out of a mid-century. The first (and easiest): updating your space with modern home decor. We’ve collected the best accents for your home, and they’ll all have your guests saying “oh, that’s chic.


Kuala 10.25″ Table Lamp

This lamp is super simple, with a sphere posed on top of a silver base. It won’t distract from the rest of the room; instead, it will add a modern touch to wherever it is. Don’t underestimate its brightness — it’s small but mighty, keeping your space bright.

SHOP – $68

Modern home decor

table lamp

Jaquelin 21″ Desk Lamp

Looking for a unique lamp to show off? This one is exactly what you’re looking for. We recommend the gold base for a rustic-yet-modern feel. The light is warm, not harsh — ideal for a bedside table or for late-night desk-work.

SHOP – $80

Project 62 Ellis Tripod Floor Lamp Brass

This lamp will light the room and command attention, thanks to its three-legged brass stand. Its size means it can stand as a main light or be a supporting figure to your other lighting. Whether it’s in the corner or center of the room, your guests will notice it immediately.

SHOP – $80

MODERN home decor

Marble Slanted Bookends (Set of 2)

You can’t have a finished bookshelf without bookends, and these will keep your shelves looking light and airy. The stunning white marble and gold accents will stand the test of time, and they make for a beautiful contrast and addition to any backdrop.

SHOP – $61.99

Brass And Clear Glass Test Tube Vases

These vases are not something you’d have in mind when searching for vases, but they’ll be exactly what you’re looking for to update your space. The wire is welded together, so you can twist them any way you’d like for maximum statement.

SHOP – $16.99

MODERN home decor

ceramic vases

Set of 3 White-Washed Ceramic Vases – 5.25-10″ Tall

The crackle finish on these ceramic vases is what makes them special, and the shiny finish makes them stand out. It’s a chic add to your typical stale-white vases, maintaining a homey feel with a modern upgrade.

SHOP – $34

Dipped Clay Pot + Stand

You haven’t seen a pot like this one before — promise. The brown-and-white-dipped pots’ contrasting colors are eye-catching, immediately drawing the eye to your flowers. The top pot has its own drip system balanced on top of a bowl, so excess water will be collected and won’t drench your roots.

SHOP – $58

modern decor

gold planter

Brushed Gold Planter With Stand

High-end planters exist, and this planter is proof. The bigger size can fit larger plants, like palms, while the smaller version can fit on a tabletop and be home to smaller flowers. It’s made of iron, but the brushed-gold finish is what gives it its modern edge.

SHOP – $14.99+

Gold Wire Geometric Reese Basket

Gold wire has never been more gorgeous than it is on this geometric, art deco basket. Made from metal with a matte-gold finish, you have options in size: the 10-inch will fit your smaller needs, while the 15-inch can carry bigger items.

SHOP – $29.99+

MOdern decor


Opalhouse Rattan Basket Natural 

This rattan basket is the perfect holder for your smaller items, and it can fit on any tabletop. Whether you place a candle in it or use it as a key holder, it adds instant glam. If you really want to make it pop, add a more decorative piece inside to mesh with the woven design.

SHOP – $35

Over the Mantel Mirror Natural MDF Back

Your typical mirrors: round, oval, or rectangular. That’s why this is the mirror to choose if you’re looking to break away from the norm. The rounded-edge wall mirror can be placed above sinks and shelves — perfect for that final glance as you head out the door.

SHOP – $60

mantel mirror

circular mirror

Kate and Laurel Travis Round Wood Accent Wall Mirror

This Kate and Laurel mirror works when you’re trying to modernize and remain minimalistic. Its circular design works anywhere, and you can choose from white, black, gold, and silver frames to fit your aesthetic.

SHOP – $89.99


What are your favorite modern home decor pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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