Need A New DIY Project? These Bathroom Accent Walls Will Do The Trick

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Every time I open my phone, I see more inspiration for how to transform your bathroom. I absolutely adore this trend because I think the bathroom is one of the most overlooked places to decorate in the house. Today we made a list of a few things you can do to your bathroom wall to give it a little bit of spice. Why not make every part of your house beautiful?


Floral Accent Wall

We’re in full spring mode right now, so why not let your bathroom reflect that all the time? I love the idea of adding some color to your bathroom and making it a little nature based too! You can either find some awesome floral wallpaper on your own, or if you’re feeling super crafty — maybe paint it on the wall yourself! I adore this constant spring feel.

Abstract Accent Wall

I love both of these ideas so much! Again, there are a million wallpapers that you could put up, but if you’re artsy, why not hand-paint? The point of abstract is not to be exact. Maybe even involve your husband or kids and make it a day of memories. I love this idea because the wall can be both so personal and so pretty!

Tile/Brick Accent Wall

There is something so elegant about a tile bathroom. I personally had a mint tiled bathroom in my childhood house, very eighties but very memorable. Brick designs are also a simple way to bring some rustic vibes into your home. If you want these looks but you don’t have tiles or bricks in your bathroom and you don’t want to put them there, I saw a tutorial on YouTube about how to make styrofoam look like brick — that way you can paint it however you want and take it down whenever!

Geometric Accent Wall

The geometric theme is a really modern and clean way to elevate the whole bathroom. If you want to do something geometric, but you’re not too sure where to start, know that you can do something as simple as straight lines across the wall! It’s a really fun, easy idea that makes for a simply stunning bathroom.

Pop of Color Accent Wall

Do you have a color you’re particularly drawn to? How about one that just makes you feel better? Put that on your bathroom wall! You can do this by painting your entire wall that color, or just half of a wall, or even little shapes with that color! It’s your bathroom, do what you want with it and have fun! I love this because your personality can really shine through.

I’m about to move into a new house and now I have so many new ideas about what to do for my bathroom. So grab some paint and a brush and connect to your artsy side!


Which bathroom accent wall idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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